Cheap Health Insurance – Really?

Nov 7, 2013
Cheap Health Insurance – Really?

Cheap health insurance I hear you say laughing as you fall off your seat; how can the words cheap and health insurance ever be used in the same sentence? Well, depending on your needs, private health insurance may be within easy reach and a lot cheaper than you think.

cheap health insurance

For example did you know that a 51 year old could get private health insurance for less than £20 a month; not as high as you expected? 

Private health insurance is more affordable these days with a range of plans that will suit most budgets. You just need to compare quotes and work out the best health insurance cover at the right price.

Typically health insurance providers offer a number of different levels of cover providing basic, standard and comprehensive protection. Most plans include the cost of saying in a private hospital with the more comprehensive ones providing cover for consultation fees, tests, medical treatment and after care therapy. 

Using a comparison website like Over50choices, you can get health insurance quotes for a wide range of plans that offer different levels of cover so you can see at a glance what is included in each and more importantly, how much it is going to cost you on a monthly basis
In addition to the level of cover affecting the price, you will also get cheaper health insurance by choosing to tweak your chosen level of cover. You can usually do this in a number of ways:

• Agree to pay part of every claim, commonly referred to as the excess. The more you pay the lower your monthly premiums will be
• Agree to pay a certain percentage of every claim. As with the excess, the more you are prepared to pay the lower your premiums will be
• Agree for the NHS to treat you if it is within an agreed timeframe (e.g. 6 weeks)

As always, the key to finding the best Health Insurance lies with the internet. By answering a few simple questions you can compare health insurance quotes for you and your family in minutes. 

For more information on the benefits of private health insurance and to compare prices, click here.

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