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If you are looking for private medical insurance that provides end to end cover, from testing and diagnosis through to treatment, aftercare support and therapy, then you are looking for a comprehensive health insurance policy.

Some health insurance UK companies offer different levels of cover, comprehensive medical  insurance being the most extensive; others will offer a core healthcare plan with the ability to add services in order to achieve more comprehensive cover.

What is comprehensive health insurance?

Comprehensive health insurance not only provides cover for inpatient care, it also provides outpatient treatment too including consultations with specialists and tests. In addition to paying out for a wider range of conditions, a more comprehensive medical insurance plan will also provide help with aftercare services such as physiotherapy, psychiatric care or alternative therapies.

For example a more basic private medical insurance plan will provide support whilst in hospital overnight, plus there may be limited cover for diagnostics. A typical comprehensive health insurance plan however may also include health care benefits like:

  • Access to specialists and consultants for consultation, tests, scans, diagnosis and treatment comprehensive health insurance
  • A wider range of private hospitals to choose from
  • Additional after care therapies 
  • Home nursing
  • Dental and optical care
  • Advanced treatment for cancer patients
  • Cover for hospitals abroad

Some of the services will be included as standard on the more comprehensive medical insurance cover however with others, you may need to select them as an added extra; so it is worth thinking about the type of private health insurance you are looking for and deciding which services are really important to you.

Can I get health insurance with an existing medical condition?

How much does a comprehensive medical insurance plan cost?

As with any private medical insurance policy, the cost will depend on the services you opt for, your age and depending on whether you choose a fully underwritten or moratorium plan, your health and lifestyle.

A more comprehensive health care plan will cost more however you can still look to reduce the costs a number of ways. This varies from plan to plan but can include the following options:

  • Change the policy excess – the more you are happy to pay towards a claim, the less your medical insurance will cost
  • Reduce the range of private hospitals available to you
  • Agree for the NHS to provide treatment if it can be arranged within 6 weeks
  • Agree to a limit being placed on outpatient treatment which means you will still be covered, but only to a set amount.

For more information and to compare comprehensive health insurance plans, either get an online quote or call Hannah on 01933 447251 to talk through your options and how to tailor your plan to fully suit your needs.

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For more information and to compare comprehensive health insurance plans our advice is to always compare the market and speak to an adviser who will find the best deal to suit you

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