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  • Private Health Insurance for children, spouse and partners
  • Speedy access to consultants and treatment avoiding NHS queues
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Affordable family health care insurance for you & your children

In this guide: We look at the benefits, how much it costs and how it works

What is family health insurance?

Family health insurance is a private health insurance policy that can provide cover and medical protection for you and all of your family. Speeding up diagnosis and treatment by avoiding lengthy NHS queues, it gives you and your family access to specialists, getting you back on your feet sooner.

Providing private health cover for you, your partner and your children, plans can be tailored to suit the needs of your family and your budget. From treatment whilst in hospital to outpatient care, parent accommodation in private rooms to routine dental and optical care, you can choose the services that are important to you.

Why choose health insurance for children & partners ?

Family private health care plans can provide cover for you, your spouse or partner and your children and can be a cheaper health insurance option than choosing individual plans.

The age limit for children depends on the health insurer you choose. Some state 21 or 25 whilst others provide cover until the child leaves full timehealth insurance for children education, so do compare family health insurance plans available to ensure you choose the most appropriate one for you.

As mentioned, your cover will depend on whether you choose one of the more low cost health insurance options or a more comprehensive plan but would typically include some or all of the following:

  • Quicker referral and treatment times avoiding lengthy NHS queues
  • Access to leading specialists and consultants, arranged at a time to suit you and your family
  • Your choice of hospital
  • Use of private hospitals with ensuite facilities, tvs and good food; plus the option for families to stay the night if children are being treated
  • No restriction on viewing times
  • Access to drugs and treatments that may not be regularly available on the NHS

You can tailor the health cover to suit your needs and budget but with such a wide selection of plans available, it is important to compare so you can be sure of choosing the best family private health insurance for you; which is where we can help.

The cheapest family health insurance may not necessarily be the one that suits your needs – equally you may not need all the bells and whistles of a comprehensive health insurance plan, so our specialist team at First Choice Health & Protection are on hand to talk you through your options and make recommendations for you on the best way forward.

They can also explore options available to you if you need to consider Pre-existing condition health insurance due to a previous or ongoing medical condition.

How does it work?

How you use your family plan will depend on what is included in the plan but essentially it works like this:

  • You and or your child visit your GP
  • GP refers you to a private specialist
  • You have a private consultation
  • Your private consultant carries out tests
  • You receive private treatment
  • You stay in a private hospital if required

Of course if this relates to your child then you can be with them every step of the way.

Some more basic plans may not include the initial consultation, just the treatment so in this instance you would use the NHS in the usual manner and then the health insurance would kick in when the actual treatment is arranged.

How much does it cost?

The cost in the UK depends on a number of factors, similar to life insurance the insurer will want to know who you are wanting to cover and yours and their medical history and lifestyle, for example ages and whether anyone smokes. When looking at Health Insurance for children too, the number of people included in the plan will also affect the price.

Affordable family health insurance

There are a number of ways you can reduce your healthcare costs to make your health insurance more affordable. For example you can:

  • Choose a more basic plan that only covers the actual treatment rather than the diagnosis
  • Pay a higher excess on any claim
  • Opt for a "6 week wait option" - which means that you agree to be an inpatient under the NHS if their waiting list is less than 6 weeks.
  • Only have access to a restricted number of private hospitals

Some family health insurance UK providers also offer discounts.

This is where taking advice from a medical insurance expert could save you a lot of time comparing and shopping around as they will do all of this for you. They will work to your budget and needs and review the whole market to find a family private health care plan to suit you all.

Health insurance for self employed people

Comparing family plans

When it comes to making a family health insurance comparison you can of course do it yourself by getting quotes directly from several insurance providers; if you prefer to do this you may wish to read our health insurance reviews which will help with your research.

Alternatively you can leave it to the experts at First Choice Health & Protection, a leading UK health insurance broker who can search the market for you and provide you with several quotes to choose from.

Our advice

For more information on family health insurance plans our advice is to always compare the market and speak to an adviser who will find the best deal to suit you

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