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What is private medical insurance?

Firstly, it'worth mentioning that private medical insurance is also refered to as private health insurance, but essentially it's the same thing designed to give you healthcare when you need it most, something that can't always be said of the NHS.

Medical insurance could help you get back to good health following an injury, poor health and or just paying for your medical bills when undergoing diagnosis or perhaps a course of physiotherapathy or similar to help get back to your normal health.

There are many policies available with lots of options. Our advice is to read our reviews to compare the many health insurance plans available and then to get some personalised quotes to start your search.

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Who can benefit from medical insurance?

  • As an individual - you can have plan in just your name
  • As a couple - you can add your partners name, so that you are both covered
  • As a family - provided you are adding your children to a plan in your name and your partners, you can have a family health plan usually providing cover up to their 18th birthday

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Private Health Insurance Comparison

Company Monthly Premium Excess Treatment Diagnosis Cancer




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General Medical






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£49.97 £100 Yes No Yes
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The Exeter


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Based on male non smoker aged 40 yrs of age - no health questions answered. This is for comparison purposes only & you should obtain a personal health quotation as policies do vary. Correct as at 27/11/2017

Is private health insurance worth it?

These days UK medical health insurance doesn’t have to break the bank; from cheap health insurance cover to more comprehensive healthcare plans; you can tailor your cover to suit your needs and your budget. The most important thing to do is shop around and compare health insurance quotes so you can be confident of getting the best level of cover for your money.

  • Access to top consultants and leading specialists
  • Choice of consultant and private hospital (depending on insurer)
  • Speedy referral treatment avoiding lengthy NHS queues
  • Use of private hospitals usually with ensuite rooms, phones, TVs and good quality food
  • Unrestricted visiting hours for family and friends
  • Access to new treatments and drugs not available on the NHS
  • Free child insurance with certain products (adult cover required)

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Types of health insurance

Healthcare plans do vary but most insurers offer a range of basic, standard and comprehensive policies.  Most plans cover the cost of staying in a private hospital but the more comprehensive private healthcare policies also include consultation fees, tests, treatment and aftercare therapy. The following table explains this in more detail:

compare private health insurance quotes

Quite simply the more you pay each month, the more cover your private health insurance plan will provide; it is therefore important to think about how much you want to pay and the level of cover you require - don't forget you should always compare quotes as they will vary between companies.

Ways to reduce the cost

Once you have made a private medical insurance comparison and decided on the level of cover you want, there are usually a number of options available for you to tweak the cover which can also reduce the amount you pay each month.

For example you can:

  • Agree to be treated by a selected number of private hospitals. This may mean you travel further but could reduce the amount you pay overall

  • Agree to pay an excess meaning that you pay part of every claim. The more excess you pay, the lower your premium 

  • Agree to be treated by the NHS if the treatment can take place within a specified amount of time (e.g. 6 weeks)

  • Agree to pay a proportion of the full treatment costs, e.g. 25%. The higher the percentage you agree to pay, the lower your premium 

Also some health insurance providers reduce payments through your ‘no claims bonus’ and a few offer additional discounts for people who live healthier lifestyles.

To see what is on available to you, click here to compare health insurance quotes; then if you want to talk through your options, help is on hand to guide you through the process of tailoring a medical health insurance plan that truly meets your needs.

Health Insurance Reviews

Take a look at our reviews of the leading company's plans and if you require more information, our Frequently Asked Question section at the bottom of this page could give you some tips on what to look out for and then when you are ready to compare providers and plans please click on the Compare Quotes button.

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The best private health insurance?

We have reviewed the leading private health insurance companies so you can get the best health insurance that your budget will allow, based on your needs - please note that "the best plan" doesn't necessarily mean the cheapest one.

Click on the links on the right and then "Get a Quote" from any page, enter a few details and you will be able to compare all the leading companies together in one place - so there is no need to re-enter your details over and over again.

Saving money

Whilst health insurance isn't cheap, you can reduce your monthly premiums with most companies by paying a larger excess in the event of a claim, but also you can mix and match which options you want that could help keep your costs down.

Make sure that you compare like for like plans.

Frequently asked questions

How do I keep my monthly premiums as low as possible?

There are several ways you can keep your health insurance premiums down:

  • pay a higher excess
  • cut down the number of hospitals to choose from ie local vs national 
  • opt for cover after 6 weeks
  • only select the options you think you really need

This can be a minefield, so why not let one of our advisers help you find the best way that suits you?

You can call Gareth on 01933 447251 or ask for a quote.

Can I get medical insurance for my children?

Yes you can get health insurance for your children as part of a family insurance plan, usually available until their 18th birthday, but this can vary by provider.

Can I switch from my existing health insurance provider?

Yes, you can switch health insurance provider in oredr to get a better deal or perhaps you are leaving your employers private health scheme and need to arrange cover for yourself.

It's worth noting that if you have any medical conditions or have made claims in the past that this could effect your new premiums or that a pre-existing condition maybe excluded from the new plan.

This is where advice from our team at Hannah could prove invaluable as they will be able to look at the whole market and find the best options for you.

I'm changing jobs & will lose my existing health insurance - do I have to start again?

You maybe able to get your existing medical insurance provider to continue cover, however, this could be a good time to take a look at your options and compare quotes.

If you have made any claims or have any pre-existing conditions this maybe excluded or your premiums increased to take account of this increased risk.

How does health insurance work?

Once you have applied and been accepted for your chosen level of cover your plan will be live - which means in the event of you becoming ill and requiring treatment you will be able to make a claim.

  • Your GP will refer you to a specialist or for hospital treatment
  • Without private health cover you would be referred to an NHS specialist and more importantly could have to wait for your appointment and treatment, but with private cover your GP will note your health insurance company and pass this information along with your health details to the private specialist who is likely to see you much sooner
  • Once assessed by the specialist they will recommend your treatment and pass this to your insurer who will process your claim and advise you of any excess to pay
  • You have the treatment and hopefully make a full recovery

Where can I buy private health insurance?

You can get private medical insurance in a number of ways;

  • go direct to the product provider, for example, AXA PPP, Bupa, Aviva, Vitality Health etc
  • go to an online comparison website such as; go compare, moneysupermarket, confused, uswitch
  • go to a local broker nearby where you live
  • compare quotes with us here at Over50choices and then get free no obligation advice

You can of course buy health insurance online without any advice and "do it yourself", but with such a wide choice and with so many variations, it could be better to get advice.

Are emergencies covered by my private medical insurance?

No, all UK citizens are entitled to free emergency healthcare under the NHS.

Your private health care plan is designed for treatment following a referral by your GP or other NHS specialist.

Will I get a cheaper health insurance plan if I go direct to the provider?

You might do, but you might not!

We have teamed up with Hannah Insurance Services a leading UK health insurance broker who have many years experience of helping customers find the best deal that suits them; with so many options and providers on the market doing this yourself could be time consuming and even then you may not end up with the best plan for you.

Why not get a quote using our service to see just how knowledgable our specialists are?

What is the ABI Health Insurance Guide?

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) published a new Health Insurance Guide in 2017.

Its aim is to explain and better inform customers on their options; here at Over50choices we do offer advice through Hannah Insurance Services, but you can also find a wealth of information on our site.

If however, you can see a copy of the ABI Health Insurance Guide here.

How much does health insurance cost?

Private medical insurance can be expensive, so is it worth it?

Like all insurance, we are protecting ourselves and our families from something we hope we will never need, however, we know that if we are one of the unlucky ones then it's worth every penny.

You can buy low cost health insurance plans that will provide a more basic level of cover, right through to a very comprehensive level of protection.

We would always recommend that you get a comparison of costs and compare not only the monthly costs, but also what you are getting for your money.

The average cost of health insurance per month varies considerably, with so many ways to keep costs down and so many choices that you can include, how much it costs is very much down to your needs and budget.

Will my private medical insurance plan cover me whilst on holiday?

Most plans will not cover you whilst you are on holiday outside of the UK.

Holiday health insurance should be built into your travel insurance plan - you should always check the details of what you are covered for in the country you are travelling to.

Should you be abroad for longer and more frequent periods you may wich to consider an International Health Insurance Plan. These plans have a far more comprehensive level of cover, as in most countries they do not have the equivalent of the UK's NHS.

International medical plans can be expensive and more specialist, so we would recommend that you seek advice to help you with this.

*40% saving is based on a 50 year old, non smoker with no medical conditions for a full inpatient, full diagnosis, full cancer cover, full outpatient limit, £5,000 excess & key hospital list with 6 week waiting period. correct as at 15th March 2018.

Why choose Over50choices

Through our partnership with Hannah Insurance  Services, you can compare health insurance quotes online with the UK’s leading private health care providers such as AXA PPP, Pru Health, Bupa, Simplyhealth and Aviva, all in just a few minutes.

Provided you are over 18 years of age we will be happy to help you find you the right plan.

If you want more information on any of the health insurance plans, Hannah Insurance Servies are on hand to help.  You can email them, call them on 01933 447251 whichever you prefer. 

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