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is equity release worth it

Equity release or Lifetime Mortgages as they are known are becoming more popular as people look for ways to increase their income

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what can i use equity release for

With so many uses it's not surprising to hear that the number of people of releasing equity from their own has risen again to a whopping £824m being released in 3 months, between July and September 2017 which is a 44% increase on the previous year.

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best funeral plans

Having read an article recently ‘Prepaid Funeral plans; what you need to know before you buy’ I felt compelled to put pen to paper (or whatever the equivalent is these days in our new super high tech world) and clarify a few point; in particular the best way to compare funeral plans.

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monthly funeral plans

Given the rising cost of funerals and the low interest rates on savings, there is little wonder that funeral plans, allowing you to save money by fixing funeral costs at today’s prices are a good idea; but what about monthly instalment funeral plans? 

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funeral costs 2017

Another year has slipped by which heralds the publication of the SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2017 – not a publication you would immediately subscribe to but interesting reading all the same

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funeral guide

These days you can find a wealth of information on funerals; be it a funeral guide or funeral plan review that may prove helpful when making funeral arrangements either in advance or at time of need. 

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best energy deals

UK Energy the trade association for the energy industry has reported that over three million people have now switched energy supplier, that's up 14% on last year.

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what can I do with my pension pot

Since the pension rules changed in April 2015 the way people access their pension pots unsurprisingly has changed, but what about your pension pot?

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Top 5 reasons for releasing equity from your home

Have you ever wondered what you would spend the cash on if you took an equity release loan to release money from your home? Did you know that if you are aged 55 and over you could release around half of your property's value in a tax tree lump sum?

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health quotes

It’s not just all about the money when choosing the best health quotes. I agree cost is important but choosing a cheap healthcare insurance plan may be a bad move when you discover the condition you are claiming for isn’t covered

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