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Our equity release calculator is free to use, results are instant and there’s no obligation to proceed. Plus you’ll receive a free equity release guide.



May 2022: Low interest rates and fixed for life from 3.57% APR through Age Partnership when you use our calculator.

How to use our equity release calculator

Our easy equity release calculator will show you the amount of equity you can release from your home based on the age of the youngest homeowner and the value of your property.

You simply need to tell us:

  • Your estimated property value - if you not sure how much your property is currently worth, you can get a free valuation from Zoopla or Yopa
  • Your postcode
  • Your name
  • The age of the youngest homeowner
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number

Then simply click "calculate now" to instantly see how much cash you can release.

Why use our equity release calculator?

If you’re thinking about unlocking some of the money tied up in your home, our equity release calculator will give you an idea of just how much you could release. Plus you’ll receive a free guide on how equity release works.

The information is provided by the UK's No. 1 equity release adviser* Age Partnership, a company with access to preferential and exclusive plans from leading UK lenders. By searching such a comprehensive range of lenders, they could potentially save you hundreds or thousands of pounds in interest over the course of the plan by securing you a lower rate than you may have found elsewhere.

There are no credit checks.

equity release calculator no personal details

Quick and easy to use

Instant results

Free guide

No obligation to go further

Equity release is a big decision so think it through

  1. Consider all of your options and the alternatives before going ahead
  2. Read our article ‘Is equity release a good idea?’ to see if it might be right for you
  3. Speak to an equity release expert for advice on the best course of action
  4. Only choose a provider that is a member of the Equity Release Council
  5. Compare equity release providers to get the best deal

Please note

This is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration.
You only continue to own your own home with a lifetime mortgage which is secured against your property
All deals subject to eligibilty.

And Age Partnership are the UK's No. 1 equity release adviser based on the volume of plans sold between 2018 to Q3 2020 Source Touchstone data.

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