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How to choose the best Funeral Plan

Comparing funeral plans could save you up to £361, but more important than price is choosing the right plan. Most funeral plans only provide a contribution towards your essential 3rd party costs; we show you how to avoid these pitfalls. Plus why you should only choose plan providers that are regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority.

Funeral costs have risen over *6% a year for the last 30 years, outstripping the rate of inflation. The average cost of a funeral was £1,920 in 2004, prices are predicted to exceed £6,490 by 2025; which is why freezing your costs at today’s prices with a prepaid funeral plan is a good idea.

Cheap funeral plans may save you money today, but your family could be faced with a bill when the time comes, so it's important to understand the differences. Having reviewed the market to see how leading funeral plans compare, we recommend the Dignity Funeral Plan as it offers one of the most comprehensive award winning funeral services and excellent value for money. To help you compare prices, take a look at the selection of plans below then read our "Plan Pitfalls" section to know what to look out for when choosing a funeral plan.

Plan Provider:Golden Charter

All Golden Charter plans are fully transferable which means they can be used by you or any family member and include an allowance as detailed in the plan for 3rd party costs which increases each year in line with the trust fund

Restricted Plans:
Standard Plans:
Mid-range Plans:
Superior Plans:

Golden Charter funeral plans guarantee your funeral directors services at today's prices and make a contribution of £940 towards your 3rd party costs which means your family could have more to pay when the time comes. Their plans are available to the under 50 age group.

Plan Provider:Perfect Choice

Perfect Choice plans include an allowance as detailed in the plan which increases each year in line with RPI

Restricted Plans:
Standard Plans:
Mid-range Plans:
Superior Plans:

Perfect Choice  funeral plans guarantee your funeral directors services at today's prices and make a contribution of £1,150 towards your 3rd party costs, which means your family could have more to pay when the time comes

Plan Provider:Dignity

Dignity funeral plans come with a guarantee for your funeral directors & cremation fees, with nothing more to pay as detailed in the plan. Dignity provide plans for Age UK & the Post Office

Restricted Plans:
Simple Plans:
Mid-range Plans:
Superior Plans:

Dignity prepaid funeral plans guarantee to freeze your funeral directors costs and the cremation & ministers fees at today's prices (most providers will only give you a contribution for these costs), with nothing more for your family to pay as detailed in the plan. For burials, it guarantees funeral director's costs and also makes one of the highest contributions to third party burial fees of £1,200. Dignity provide plans for Age UK & the Post Office, however after the cashback is applied we can offer you a greater saving - if  you are over 50 years of age & live in the UK we recommend the Dignity Plan

May 2017 Defaqto the independent research company awarded the Dignity Diamond Plan 5 Stars meaning that it offered a comprehensive level of cover, the Pearl Plan 4 Stars offering a good level of cover and the Amber Plan 3 Stars offered an average level of cover

You will also receive £75 CASHBACK when you buy a Dignity Funeral Plan through us.

Post Office

The Post Office Money funeral plan is provided by Dignity and guarantees your funeral directors services and cremation & ministers fees at today's prices, which means your family will have noting more to pay when the time comes for the services detailed in the plan

Restricted Plans:
Simple Plans:
Mid-range Plans:
Superior Plans:

The Post Office funeral plans are provided by Dignity and guarantees your funeral directors services and cremation & ministers fees at today's prices, which means your family will have noting more to pay when the time comes for the services detailed in the plan.

Plan Provider: SunLIfe

SunLife description text

Restricted Plans:
Simple Plans:
Mid-range Plans:
Superior Plans:

The SunLife plan is provided by Golden Charter - see above for details. 

Plan Provider:Avalon

Avalon offer 'dual certification' which means you can use the plan either in the UK or certain parts of Europe if you move or have a second home abroad. Avalon plans include an allowance as detailed in the plan which increases each year in line with CPI

Restricted Plans:
Simple Plans:
Mid-range Plans:
Superior Plans:

Avalon funeral plans offer 'dual certification' which means you can use the plan either in the UK or Spain, the Canaries, Portugal or Cyprus if you move or have a second home abroad.They include an allowance as detailed in the plan which increases each year in line with CPI - if you are under 50 years of age or looking for a European funeral plan, we recommend the Avalon Funeral Plan

We are featured on the consumer site Which? & are proud of our independent 5 Star Trustpilot Rating

Compare plans, save money & get CASHBACK

Avoid making the wrong choice when considering a funeral plan

Before choosing your plan it is important to know all the details - which is where we can help.

Our short video opposite will help you avoid these pitfalls or please read on..........

All pre-paid funeral plans guarantee your funeral directors services frozen at today's prices - which includes their professional advice and support, the hearse, coffin, care of the deceased and attendence on the day; you can check full details in our "Types of Plan" section.

However, a large part of the overall funeral costs are made up of what are known as 3rd party costs or disbursements, which are the cremation or burial fees, ministers fees and where appropriate doctors fees*.

With cremation funerals, most plan providers only provide a contribution towards these 3rd party costs, which means that there could be a shortfall when the time comes that your family will have to pay. This is not the case with a Dignity Plan.

Brochure Request

The Dignity funeral plan also guarantees to freeze your cremation and ministers fees at today's prices so you can be sure that your family will have nothing more to pay for these services as detailed in the plan, no matter when it is in the future.

The following plan providers only make a contribution towards these 3rd party costs: 

Avalon / Golden Charter / Perfect Choice / Safe Hands / Golden Leaves / Choices / Open Prepaid Funerals / Liberty 

In addition, Defaqto, the independent financial information business has awarded the Dignity Diamond Plan 5 Stars; all other providers listed here received only 3 Stars for their equivalent plan reflecting a lowel level of cover. 

We recommend Dignity Funeral Plans

As an independent company, if you are over 50 years of age, we have chosen to recommend Dignity Funeral Plans for all of our UK business as we believe that they offer excellent value for money, including:

  • Award winning customer service
  • Bio-degradeable coffins - eco-friendly
  • If you move, the plan moves with you at no extra cost
  • Joint funeral plans option
  • Competitive monthly payment options
  • National coverage
  • Guaranteed cremation & ministers fees, aswell as funeral director's services frozen at today's prices
  • For burial funerals, a generous allowance of £1,200 towards burial costs, including burial plot

Will you pay more for these benefits?

With effect from 1st April 2017 Dignity have reduced their prices which means that you could save up to £361.

Request a Brochure

So the answer is NO, you actually pay less for your Dignity Plan than most other providers, for what we consider to be a more comprehensive plan.

*some plan providers allowance will also contribute towards doctors fees, not applicable in Scotland & planned to be removed in England Wales

**Not all funeral plans are the same video**

  • applies to cremation funeral only
  • See Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2016 for rising funeral costs
  • 3rd party costs in England/Wales currently consist of ccremation, ministers & doctors fees. In Scotland these doctors fees are not required & England/Wales is expected to follow shortly

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How do funeral plans work

As an independent company we have compared market leading plan providers looking for the best funeral plans. If you are over 50 and living in the UK, we recommend the Dignity Plan because it offers a more comprehensive funeral service and value for money - see here for more reasons why. 

Step 1 – What does a funeral plan do?

To understand how plans differ and to avoid any pitfalls please read our "Important" section.

Our ‘Benefits’ section explains how a prepaid funeral plan can help you and your family. You can watch our short video, ‘Funerals, don’t leave it to chance’; try out our interactive ‘funeral calculator’ which highlights the impact inflation will have on future funeral costs versus savings and read our frequently asked questions to fully understand how the plans work

Step 2 – What do I get with a funeral plan?

Most plan providers offer 3 levels of service which are explained in our ‘Types of Plan’ section; the main differences being the quality of the coffin and whether a Limousine is included for family and friends (all plans come with a Hearse).

The majority of plans also include a contribution towards your third party costs, which includes cremation or burial fees and  the minister's and doctors charges. The Dignity plan guarantees the cremation and ministers fees, freezing them at today's prices.

Please note that a second doctors certificate is no longer required in Scotland and as this is due to be law in England & Wales as well, some plan providers have removed this from their plans and reduced their prices.

You also have the opportunity to personalise your funeral and make any special requests, either when you apply or at a later date, such as; hymns, music, dress code, wake or party, religious or non-religious service etc.

Step 3 – Cremation Funeral or Burial Funeral?

With the Dignity Funeral Plan you can choose a cremation or burial service; or perhaps you're not sure yet, in which case you don't have to decide now - the most important thing is to secure your funeral services at today's prices and then you can tell us what you prefer when you're ready.

Whether you choose cremation or burial, it's good to know that all of your funeral director's services are frozen at today's prices and guaranteed not to increase no matter when in the future the plan is used

Cremation Funeral - what you need to know

Over 80% of people choose a cremation funeral in the UK; with this option the Dignity Funeral Plan will also freeze your cremation and ministers fees at today's prices, a point worth noting as not all plans offer this guarantee on these services, which could leave your family being asked to pay more when the time comes.

You can also specify what you would like to happen to your ashes and any other special requests.

Burial Funeral - what you need to know

The first point to note about a burial funeral plan is that no plan provider will pay for your burial plot, which could add a considerable cost to your funeral arrangements, typically between £500 to over £1,500 depending on where you live.

You can find out your local burial plot costs by contacting your local council or privately owned cemetery or google "your town burial plot costs" and this will usually give you the information you need.

If you already have a family burial plot or have pre-purchased your plot then the only costs will be to open the grave referred to as "interment".

The Dignity Plan offers one of the largest allowances of £1,200 towards your burial costs, which can be used towards any aspect of the burial fees, including the cost of the burial plot. In addition, unlike many other providers if there is any money left over from the allowance, this will be returned to your estate.

You don't have to purchase your burial plot at the same time as taking out the funeral plan, you can either do it at a later date or leave this to your family to sort out when the time comes (using the money left from the allowance to help with the cost).

You can specify any special requests with regards to where you would like to be buried, details of your plot or any other aspect of your funeral.

Step 4 – How much does a funeral plan cost?

Our ‘compare prices’ section includes a comparison table that highlights plan prices with some of the UK’s leading funeral plan providers, so you can see at a glance how they compare.

We recommend that you ensure the plan provider is a member of the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA). Which includes Golden Charter, Dignity and Avalon. Perfect Choice, Age UK, the Post Office, Golden Leaves and the Co-operative funeralcare.

Step 5 – What's your budget?

Our “Ways to Pay” section shows the payment options available to you; from paying in one go to spreading your costs with instalment options between 1 and 15 years. 

If you have a budget in mind, let us know so we can talk through the various options available to you.

Hopefully there will be a plan and payment option that meets your budget.

Step 6 – Request a brochure / Get a quote / Call us / Online chat

Whether you want information on a specific plan; would like a personal quote; have some questions or would like to talk through your options, you can get in touch by requesting a brochure or quote; via email; calling our free phone number or chatting online. 

All brochures come with application forms, although you can also apply online using our link.

We love to talk and want to help you get the best plan that suits your needs, so please get in touch


Your questions answered

What is a funeral plan?

A prepaid funeral plan allows you to pay for your funeral costs in advance and specify your final wishes, protecting your family from the financial and emotional stress when the time comes.

What are the factors in deciding whether a plan with guaranteed cremation costs is best for me?

Here are some of the key factors you should consider:

 - whether you want peace of mind of guaranteeing that your family will have nothing more to pay when the time comes.

- cremation and burial costs vary by region and so where you live could have an impact on the overall cost of your funeral

- your age: the younger you are the more likely that funeral inflation will increase funeral costs over time

What are the average funeral costs in the UK?

Research carried out by SunLife shows the average cost of a funeral in the UK to be *£3,897 and this figure does not include flowers, memorials, wakes, notices or probate fees. Funeral costs are rising every year, why not use our calculator to see the impact inflation could have on future prices.

Do you offer national coverage?

Yes, we offer national coverage so it doesn’t matter where you live.

Can I have a joint funeral plan?

Yes, although please be aware that a joint funeral plan is one plan written in both names, so will only pay for one funeral, leaving the other person with no provision. You will need to take out 2 plans if you want to ensure that you are both protected.

Do I need to choose my Funeral Director now?

The plan provider will arrange for the services of a funeral director who is in your area.

What if I move home?

All funeral plans are flexible and portable, (some providers, like Golden Charter for example do not guarantee that you won't have  to pay more) which means that wherever you live in mainland UK, you can choose a funeral director that accepts the provider’s plan close to you.

Can I tailor the plan to include my personal requirements?

Yes, you may wish to add your “wishes” to the plan so that your next of kin knows what you want when the time comes, for example, music, hymns, reception or you can fully bespoke a plan.

Which funeral plans do you offer?

We compare Funeral Planning Authority providers, however, we have chosen to recommend Dignity as we believe that they offer excellent value for money; guaranteeing your funeral director's services and your cremation and ministers fees at today's prices.

The following providers are all FPA regulated but only offer a contribution towards 3rd party costs:

  • Golden Leaves
  • Perfect Choice
  • Liberty
  • Golden Charter
  • Choice
  • Avalon

Please note that Saga do not provide pre-paid funeral plans and Age UK and Post Office plans are provided by Dignity. With our speical offer we can offer you the Dignity Plan cheaper than  Age UK funeral plans - ask for details.

Open Prepaid Funerals, Pride Planning & Safe Hands Funeral Plans are not regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority. 

Is the plan provider you recommend regulated by the FPA?

Yes, Dignity who we recommend are regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) which is the main regulatory body to regulate funeral plans. Where ever you buy your plan we would recommend that they are regulated by the FPA.

Other bodies that you may come across, such as the NAFD & NFFD are trade bodies that are more concerned with the level of service quality provided by funeral directors.

Can I buy a plan for someone else?

Yes you can buy a funeral plan for someone else. You will be able to specify this when applying for the plan by adding yourself as plan representative. As the plan purchaser and representative, all correspondence will be sent directly to you if you wish.

Do I need a medical to buy a Funeral Plan?

No you don’t. Your application will be accepted regardless of your state of health.

Do I have to be over 50 years of age to purhase a plan?

Most people don't start looking for a plan until they are in their 50's, although the minimum age for some plan providers is 18 years of age,for Dignity the plan we recommed the minimum age is 50.

Can I have a non religious funeral?

Yes, you can choose to either have a religious funeral with a minister or a non religious funeral, known as a humanist funeral service.

If you would like the humanist service you may wish to specify this in your “special requirements or expression of wishes form” that can be held with your plan provider so when the time comes your family will be aware of your wishes.

Do you offer Eco-friendly or Green funeral plans?

Yes, we can arrange this for you.

The costs will depend on your requirements, as some people will just require an eco-friendly coffin whereas others prefer a fully carbon neutral service. Green funeral plans are increasing in popularity but generally are more expensive.

Questions you should ask when buying a plan

Is the funeral plan provider regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority?

Are my funeral directors costs guaranteed?

Are the cremation fees guaranteed at today's prices - only Dignity and Coop funeral plans currently offer this.

If paying monthly, how much extra will you pay in additional charges or interest

How is my money stored and how safe is it?

Where else can I compare funeral plans?

There are a few other websites that allow you to compare funeral plans, but the large comparison sites; Go Compare, Moneysupermarket, Confused, Money and Martin Lewis' Moneysavingexpert as of yet are not providing this service.

Why do you recommend Dignity Funeral Plans?

As an independent company we believe that Dignity funeral plans offer excellent value for money.

Of course we recognise that other funeral plan providers that are regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority are worth considering, particularly if you have a preferred funeral director that only offer with one company's plans.

Dignity also provide plans for Age UK and the Post Office, in addition to other leading brands, such as the Skipton Building Society.

Other Funeral Planning Authority regulated providers include: Cooperative Funeralcare, Golden Charter, Avalon, Perfect Choice, Golden Leaves, Choice.  Our advice is to compare all plans and ask us for advice on how the best funeral plans compare to suit your needs


What happens if funeral costs go up?

When you purchase a funeral plan you are freezing your funeral costs at today's prices. However, you should always check whether they are freezing just your funeral directors costs or your cremation and ministers fees as well.

The Dignity plan will do this, all at today's prices; so regardless of whether funeral costs increase in the future you will have peace of mind that once paid for your family will have nothing more to pay for these services included in the Dignity Plan.

What are Defaqto Star Ratings?

Defaqto is an independent financial information business. They collect product data from the whole of market and make it comparable to help consumers, like you, make better decisions. They are not customer reviews, in our case we ask Trustpilot to independently ask customers for these.

They have reviewed the funeral plan market in the UK and rated funeral plans on a scale of 1 to 5 based on quality and comprehensiveness of the features and benefits of each plan.

A 4 or 5 Star Rating indicates that a product represents one of the best quality offerings in the market. A 1 Star Rating indicates a basic plan with a low level of features and benefits.

The Dignity Diamond Plan was only 1 of 5 funeral plans that was awarded 5 Stars. The others were; AgeUK Rowan Plan, Co-op Funeralcare Gold Plan, Lincolnshire Co-op Funeral Services Lincoln Plan and Post Office Money Premium Plan.

What is the cheapest funeral you can have?

The cheapest funeral you can have is a direct cremation, which costs between £1,300 to £1,800.

They are not for everyone, as there is no service or viewing of the body so the family are unable to say their goodbyes in the normal way. The body is transported from the funeral directors or mortuary to the crematorium at a time to suit them and not the deceased's family and the ashes are then returned if requested.

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Types of Funeral Plan

age uk funeral plansFuneral plans fall into two categories; those that offer a contribution towards your cremation and ministers fees and those that offer to guarantee them at today's prices, no matter how much they increase in the future. All plans will guarantee your funeral director's services, so it's important to be clear on which funeral plans guarantee which elements.

In May 2017 Defaqto the independent research company awarded the Dignity Diamond Plan 5 Stars meaning that it offered a comprehensive level of cover.

There are 4 levels of service, Limited, Standard, Midrange and Superior (generic names) - the differences between them is generally the quality of the coffin and whether limousines are included. (The Limited Plan has greater restrictions).

We recommend the Dignity plan that guarantees to freeze your funeral director's costs and cremation and ministers fees at today's prices so you can be sure that your family will have nothing else pay - the details can be seen in the table below. 

Guaranteed Services
Limited Plan
Amber Plan (standard)
Pearl Plan (midrange)
Diamond Plan (superior)

Guarantees funeral director services frozen at today's prices

Guarantees to cover all the required funeral director services.


Guarantees cremation & ministers services frozen at today's prices

Or a generous contribution of £1,200 towards burial costs that can also be used towards the cost of the plot if needed.


Guarantees that your family will have no more to pay

No more to pay for the services listed as detailed in the plan regardless of when the plan is needed and how much prices increase by in the future.


Advice on registration, documentation & certification

The funeral director's guidance on registering the death and provision of all necessary paperwork.


Transportation of the deceased

Collection & transportation of the deceased to the Funeral Directors premises at anytime, 24 hours a day.


Care of the deceased prior to the cremation or burial

The funeral director will provide preparation and care of the deceased before the cremation or burial takes place.


Viewing of the deceased in a private chapel of rest by agreed appointment

Unlike some plans with Dignity this is included with all levels of plan at no additional charge.

Normal office hours
Normal office hours

The coffin: (fully lined & fitted)

The funeral director will provide a range of coffins to choose from, determined by the level of service.

Wood effect
Quality wood effect
High quality wood veneer

Funeral procession including hearse

From your home or funeral home to a service location (fees and costs at a separate location not included).

Directly to crematorium
Directly to crematorium
To service location & then to crematorium
To service location & then to crematorium

Limousine for family & friends

One limousine will carry between 6 or 7 people.


Attendance of funeral director & staff at the service

This will include the funeral director, the driver & pallbearers on the day.


Personalise the plan at any time

You can make special requests either when you apply for the plan or at anytime, such as, hymns, readings, music etc. Please note that requests for specific items outside of the plan, for example, coffin types or other of  significance could incur additional charges.

average cost of a funeral
help with funeral costs

Arranging the funeral service

The funeral director will arrange the service at a crematorium or cemetery.


Full listing of floral tributes

The funeral director will list any floral tributes or collection of charitable donations (not all plan providers do this).

funeral costs
funeral costs

Complimentary thank you cards

Thank you cards provided (not all plan providers will offer this).


Mutual agreement on the time and day during normal hours

Limited Plan: A restricted choice of date and time for the funeral will be available. Typically this means that with the Limited Funeral Plan the service will take place before 10.30am or after 3.30pm Tuesday-Thursday. You may not make any additional contributions towards the costs of any special requests. Not available on the Isle of Man..


National network of Funeral Directors

Dignity have over 1,190 owned or approved funeral directors. Please note that the Limited Plan has a restricted choice from approximately 800 Funeral Directors.


Whilst flowers, headstones etc are not included in any funeral plan, you can use the "Special Wishes" Form that will be placed with your plan details, to list all of your preferred requirements, such as, your favourite music, hymns and readings which will enable you to personalise your funeral plans.

Medical certification fees. For deaths where a coroner investigation is required, there are no medical certification fees. Also, changes to legislation in May 2015 mean there will no longer be a charge for a medical certification for any deaths registered in Scotland. Similar legal changes are being considered for the rest of the UK, so we do not include provision for these fees in our Plans. If the funeral takes place outside of Scotland, and a coroner is not involved, then if applicable, the medical certification fees must be paid by the next of kin or personal representative, when arranging the funeral..

When you call we can advise you on the specific details of each plan or you can request a brochure for more information.

*If a burial is required, the services marked with a ‡ are not covered by the guarantee. This is because burial costs vary widely across the country, so cannot be guaranteed in the same way as a cremation. Instead a contribution of £1,200 (rising with inflation) will be made towards burial fees and any services provided by third parties (such as Minister’s or Officiant’s fees)..

As an alternative, if you are looking for Over 50 Life Insurance from £10 a month you can compare plans here.

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Try the Funeral Calculator

The funeral calculator will show you what funeral costs could be in the future to help you make a decision on which is the right option for you. 

As you will see, if you are relying on your savings to cover your funeral costs, then you will need to make arrangements that take into account funeral inflation

Basically the current low interest rate on savings accounts means that unless the funeral inflation rate drops (*since 2004 the average cost of a funeral has more than doubled from £1,920 to £3,897 in 2016), your savings may not cover the funeral expenses when the time comes so someone will need to pay the difference.

According to the Office for National Statistics the average life expectancy in England & Wales is 82 for a male and 85 for a female.  

Either way, relying on your savings still could mean a shortfall so a prepaid funeral plan may be worth considering. Whatsmore, there are a number of ways to pay for a plan these days making them suitable for most budgets.  

*The SunLife Cost of Dying Report for 2016 shows the average cost of a funeral rose 5.5%.

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Savings Calculator

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Saving you

Saving you

Using the blue sliders below, select
your age and estimated duration of
life to see the various savings you
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Your Age


What age will
you live to?



*Average cost of a funeral today is £3,897

Interest on
savings at
1.5% AER

Cost of a
Funeral at
3% inflation

Cost of a
Funeral at
5.5% inflation

                      Note: Graph visuals are representative.               
Accurate figures and savings are provided

Prepaid funeral plan benefits

Get a quote
  • Save money when comparing plans: freeze funeral costs at today's prices
  • Your acceptance is guaranteed, no medical or health questions
  • Relieve your family from having to make difficult emotional and financial decisions when the time comes
  • Arrange everything in advance - say goodbye your way
  • Include your final wishes as part of the plan, so you're family know what you want
  • Get the best funeral plans at the right price by shopping around, something families are reluctant to do when arranging a funeral
  • Use the services of a local funeral director but with the security of a national provider

How secure is your money?

We recommend you choose a provider that is a member of the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).

With Dignity your money is paid directly to the National Funeral Trust which is independently managed and audited.

All trusts are separate independently managed legal entities which are audited by independent accountants and auditors.

This means that should your funeral director go into liquidation your money and funeral will be protected and the plan provider will reallocate your plan to another funeral director in your area.

Find out more

Which is the Best Funeral Plan for you?

When choosing the best funeral plans, price of course is important but there are some differences between plan providers that you may want to take into consideration. We can help you look at the options available to you so you can be certain to choose a funeral plan that fully meets your requirements.

As an independent company we have chosen to recommend Dignity funeral plans:

  • As well as the funeral directors costs they also guarantee your cremation fees at today's prices
  • Award winning customer service
  • Joint funeral plans option
  • Competitive monthly payment options
  • All coffins are bio-degradable
  • Generous allowance of £1,200 for burial funerals
  • National coverage

And don't forget...

We offer the same funeral plans as going directly to the provider with additional savings.

You can read more information in our blog: Funeral Plan Review. 

For a personalised quotation and to discuss your options please call us free on 0800 133 7656.

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Compare & choose the right plan for you

If you are over 50 years of age and live in the UK we recommend the Dignity Plan, as all four plans guarantee to cover the cost of the funeral services included in your plan, no matter how far in the future it may be needed and how much funeral costs may rise over time. For plan details please see our Types of Plan section

Payment Options
The affordable
Limited Plan
The essential
Amber Plan
The most popular
Pearl Plan
The big family
Diamond Plan
Normal Price
Exclusive Cashback
Cost to you after Cashback
Monthly Payment Options
12 Monthly Payments
Total amount payable
5 Year payment period
Total amount payable
10 Year payment period
Total amount payable
15 Year payment period
Total amount payable

If you are on a tighter budget you may wish to consider Over 50 life insurance which starts from £10 a month, just click here. Whilst not a funeral plan it could help with your funeral costs.

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How to apply

Call us 0800 133 7656

We can talk you through your options, provide advice and recommend the best plan to you.

Apply by post

You can request a brochure and receive an application form to complete and send back to us.

Brochure Request

Apply online

All our plans come with £75 Cashback when you apply by 31st August 2017.

Apply Online


We can email the application form to you

Customer Reviews

Funeral Planning made easy with Over50choices

We believe that finding the right plan is important, speak to one of our experienced advisers: Call free on 0800 133 7656.

Not all funeral plans are the same

Whilst all plans will guarantee your funeral directors services at today's prices; the following plan providers do NOT guarantee that your cremation and ministers fees will be fully paid for; but provide a contribution towards these costs, so your family could be asked to pay more for these services when the time comes:

Golden Charter                  Liberty
Choice funeral                   Open prepaid funerals
Avalon                                 Safe Hands
Golden Leaves

If you want peace of mind that all these costs WILL BE GUARANTEED, in addition to all of your funeral directors costs, then the Dignity Funeral Plan will do this for you.

In fact in May 2017 the Dignity Diamond Plan was awarded a 5 Star Rating from Defaqto, the independent financial information business.

And for burials, as well as guaranteeing funeral director costs, Dignity also provide a generous allowance of £1,200 for third party burial fees - which could be used  to help with the purchase of the burial plot.

And when you use our service to apply for your plan you will receive £75 Cashback paid to you once your plan has been set up.

*Sun Life cost of dying report for historical funeral and current average funeral costs of £3,897. And Royal London National Funeral Cost Index 2016 for average inflation of 6.1%.

Funeral plans in Europe

In addition to the UK, if you are looking for a funeral plan and you live in Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and the Canaries.

Or if you have a second home in any of these countries, then we have a plan that will provide cover there and in the UK.

Quite simply if you think some time on the future you may choose to move to, or buy a second home, then this plan will give you the flexibility, no matter whether you are drinking sangria in Spain or tea in Torquay.

We also offer discounts on all funeral plans in Europe.


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