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Over 50s travel insurance provides medical and financial protection when you travel and go on holiday. Providing protection against medical expenses, lost luggage, flight delays and cancelations, travel insurance is a must for any over 50 traveller.

If you are ready to compare over 50 travel insurance quotes, our online comparison service will help you compare some of the UK’s leading travel insurance providers.

Alternatively if you want to understand more about how over 50s travel insurance works and find out which is the best cover for you, the following guide will help.

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Our over 50 travel insurance comparison service is free, quick and easy to use. Through our partnership with Quotezone, you can compare travel insurance quotes with over 30 different companies - including Endsleigh, Holiday Extras, Insurance Republic, Swiftcover and Ageas Insurance.

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Alternatively you can go direct to over 50s travel insurance specialists, Staysure or Saga.

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Guide to travel insurance

Updated 13th July 2023

What is over 50s travel insurance?

Over 50 travel insurance provides protection against travel-related risks and expenses. It can either be arranged through regular UK travel insurance providers or specialist over 50 travel insurance companies that cater solely for the needs of the more mature traveller.

What does travel insurance for over 50 year olds cover?

Travel Insurance provides holiday protection, which typically includes medical expenses should you become ill and cover for lost or stolen items. Travel insurance also protects against loss of money due to cancellation if you are unable to travel, or delays that are the fault of the airline or holiday provider.

Levels of protection will vary depending on the holiday insurer but will usually include the following as standard:

  • Medical expenses and repatriation fees
  • Cancellation costs should you be unable to travel
  • Lost or stolen items
  • Personal liability
  • Flight delays

Unfortunately, as we get older, the chances of us needing to cancel a holiday increase as we become more susceptible to illness and accidents. Therefore, regardless of whether you are over 50, over 60 or over 70, it’s important to consider holiday insurance as soon as you plan a trip away.

cheapest travel insurance for over 60s

What's not covered?

Holiday insurance is there to protect you when you travel. However, like all insurance policies, there are certain activities or situations that are excluded from cover. These exclusions will depend on the insurer but will typically include:

  • High risk activities such as winter sports, rock climbing and white water rafting
  • Expensive items such as designer clothes or gadgets
  • Self-inflicted injury whilst under the influence of alcohol
  • Cancelation if the reason isn’t one of the ones listed on the policy
  • Travel to countries listed as places to avoid on the governments Foreign and Commonwealth website
  • Medical expenses due to an undisclosed pre-existing medical condition.

If an activity isn’t included in your holiday insurance don’t worry. Some insurers provide additional holiday insurance options such as winter sports, golf cover or cruise insurance that can be added to your policy.

How much does over 50 travel insurance cost?

Travel insurance does cost more the older you get but it needn’t be expensive. Older travellers are deemed to be a higher risk, with a greater chance of having pre-existing medical conditions. Plus the countries over 50s travel to are more likely to have higher medical expenses.

However, in addition to your age, travel insurance costs are based on a number of other factors including your destination, level of coverage, the duration of your trip and whether you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

So to make sure you aren’t paying too much for your holiday cover, compare over 50 travel insurance across a range of UK providers.

Can you get travel insurance for over 50s with medical conditions?

You can get travel insurance for over 50s with medical conditions however its important to declare the illness when arranging the policy. Your insurer can then decide whether it’s a pre-existing medical condition they cover as standard or whether you need a more specialist insurance policy.

Over 50 travel insurance optional extras

To ensure you are fully protected, many over 50 travel insurance providers offer a range of optional extras including:

  • Cruise cover – for medical emergencies, unscheduled stops or missing a scheduled stop.
  • Golf cover – to cover golf clubs and other golfing equipment against loss, damage or theft.
  • Specialist sports cover – to insure against more extreme sports which are generally excluded from regular policies.
  • Gadget cover – for phones, laptops and other gadgets if you believe the standard cover in your policy is insufficient.
  • Single item cover – for one off expensive items such as watches or jewellery that may not be covered by your standard holiday insurance policy.
  • Travel disruption cover – in case you need to cut your holiday short due to FCDO advice

So you can tailor your plan to suit your needs but this will inevitably increase the price you pay.

Annual insurance or single travel trip

Single trip travel insurance is usually cheaper and covers you for one trip. However annual travel insurance also known as multi trip travel insurance provides cover for a whole year. Therefore, although single trip may seem cheaper, annual travel insurance could be best if you’re planning more than one holiday.

Can I get travel insurance that covers covid?

You can get travel insurance that covers covid however some plans are more comprehensive than others. Most travel insurers now provide cover should you require medical care due to coronavirus contracted whilst on holiday, however some also provide cancellation cover in the event you are diagnosed with covid prior to travelling.

The amount of cover will vary from company to company with some also providing insurance against repatriation fees.

Finally, no insurer will cover you for travel if the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office advise you can’t travel to a specific country.

How to compare over 50s travel insurance

To compare over 50s travel insurance, first decide what type of cover you need. Do you want single or multi trip insurance? Do you need additional cover for golfing or cruising? Then use one of the free online insurance comparison services to compare the market for travel insurance quotes.

When you have found your preferred policy, you can buy it online or over the phone. Just don’t forget to disclose any existing medical conditions. Honesty is always the best policy with any type of insurance product.

What should I do now?

When you’re ready to compare over 50 travel insurance, click on the button below to receive quotes from leading insurers.

Compare travel insurance quotes

Alternatively if you would like to review quotes from specialist over 50 travel insurance providers, you can get quotes for Staysure and Saga travel insurance here:

Staysure travel insurance quote

Saga travel insurance quote

Frequently asked questions about travel insurance for over 50 year olds

Should I choose an annual or single trip policy?

If you are only going on one holiday, single trip insurance is cheaper. However, if there is a chance you may travel more than once within the year, it would also be worth comparing annual holiday insurance as it may be more cost effective.

Who offers the best travel insurance?

The best travel insurance isn’t just down to price. Cover levels and customer satisfaction are of equal importance. Our reviews will help you understand more about some of the UK’s best travel insurance companies including:

At what age does travel insurance go up?

Holiday insurance becomes more expensive the older you are. Over 60 and over 70s holiday insurance is widely available however you may have to seek more specialist cover the older you get.

Which international travel insurance is best?

To find the best international insurance, compare quotes using an online comparison service. Our service is quick, free and easy to use, or alternatively companies like compare the market travel insurance, confused.com and moneysupermarket.com can help.

Then before making your decision, always read the small print and check the holiday protection covers the country you are planning to visit.

Can you get cruise travel insurance for over 50s?

Cruise insurance for over 50s is available and can either be bought as an add on to your standard holiday insurance or as standalone specialist cruise insurance. It all depends on what you are looking for.

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