Helping your parent choose the right car insurance

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The internet is king when it comes to choosing the right motor insurance policy so if your parent isn’t internet savvy or doesn’t have access to a laptop or PC, it might be a good idea to help them compare quotes to find the cheap car insurance deals.

Here are some tips to help you help them bag that bargain.

The price of ageing
Over 50s and 60s can celebrate when it comes to car insurance as they are classed as safer drivers, which is reflected in the price they pay. Once you hit the over 70 mark however prices start to go up with fewer companies willing to insure older drivers, especially those over 81 years of age. It is therefore important to use a comparison website like the one at Over50choices to find which companies have no upper age limit and of course which offer the best deals.  

To help with costs, if they have a good driving record it may also be worth your parent paying to protect their no claims bonus as this can reduce premiums by up to 65%.      

Review your parent’s needs
Our driving habits change the older we get; we tend to use the car less frequently, avoid peak traffic and reduce the length of our journeys where possible. It is therefore worthwhile considering whether your parent does in fact need a car or whether they can benefit from a cheaper low mileage policy.

Never stick with one insurance company
It’s sad to say that when it comes to cheap car insurance, customer loyalty just doesn’t pay. Never assume that an existing insurer will offer the best cover as that simply will not be the case. In fact you will often see similar cover by the same car insurance provider on a comparison website at a much lower price.

Always shop around and compare car insurance quotes when it comes to the renewal date and if your parent prefers to stay with an existing company, look around to see if they are offering the same cover at a different price elsewhere, then call them and start haggling.

Keeping it legal

It is worth mentioning that when your parent reaches the age of 70, they are required to renew their driving license every 3 years, at which point any health conditions and motoring offences will be taken into account.

It is at times like this when it’s worth reviewing your parents driving needs and whether it is safe for them to continue doing so. Traveling for shorter distances, getting you to be the chauffeur where possible or avoiding driving at night may all be signs that they are not as confident behind the wheel. They may just not have realised yet.

Driving with a disability
If your parent has a disability, they could be eligible for a blue badge which will allow them to park closer to their destination, either as a driver or passenger and be exempt from paying road tax.

Becoming a blue badge holder may make your parent’s car insurance more expensive, especially if they need to make alterations to the car but it is important to inform their insurer of the modifications as failure to do so could render the policy invalid.

If your parent can not afford to insure a modified car, the Motability Scheme may be able to provide help, as they lease cars to people with disabilities depending on the type of mobility living allowance they receive from the government.

If you are struggling to find suitable car insurance for your parent, contact the British Insurance Brokers Association on 0870 950 1790.  

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