Aviva Car Insurance Review

  • UK’s biggest insurer
  • Wide-ranging benefits under the comprehensive policy option
  • 5 Star Defaqto rating

We hope our independent Aviva car insurance review will help you decide whether it offers the most suitable car insurance for you. We have provided some illustrative descriptive points below to help you in your car insurance comparison.

About Aviva

Aviva is stated to be the UK’s largest insurance company. It’s also one of the largest in Europe.

Aviva’s origins go back over three centuries and the organisation’s publicity states that it has over 31 million customers worldwide. Of that number, approximately 16 million are in the UK.

They offer a wide portfolio of insurance and related products including Aviva car insurance. Other products include life insurance, pensions and investments.

The Aviva brand was created and launched in 2002. It represents the merger of very well-known and highly regarded insurance providers such as Commercial Union, Norwich Union and General Accident. The name “Aviva” is a deliberately chosen palindrome and is based on the Latin word “viva” meaning “life”. 

For your peace of mind, Aviva car insurance is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Aviva car insurance options     

Aviva offer several forms of cover under their car insurance category, even though some of those are not, strictly speaking, for “cars” as such. Their main segments include:

Third Party, Fire and Theft

Third party, fire and theft car insurance from Aviva covers:

  • Damage to your vehicle due to fire, theft or attempted theft;
  • Vehicle recovery and protection if damaged by fire, theft or attempted theft;
  • Legal costs if you’re involved in an accident.

Additional (paid-for) options are available with this policy for breakdown cover, motor legal (helping recover your compensation and financial losses after a motor incident which wasn't your fault) and a protected no claim discount.

Fully Comprehensive

Just some of the benefits provided this cover include:

  • the loss of or damage to, your vehicle (including theft);
  • third party liability cover – for situations where you might injure someone or damage their vehicle/property in an accident;
  • uninsured driver cover – this might apply in situations where you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and where the other driver is uninsured;
  • vehicle recovery – providing for making your vehicle roadworthy through roadside repairs or cover of up to £150 for accommodation or public transport;
  • cover for driving another person’s car (you need to be 25 or over);
  • cover for legal costs should you be involved in an accident;
  • insurance protection for you and your partner plus named drivers, for death or serious injury after a motor accident;
  • an earned no-claims discount on each vehicle you insure.

With fully comprehensive cover you also have a range of enhanced (paid for) optional extras, including:

  • breakdown cover;
  • enhanced roadside assistance;
  • protected no claims discount;
  • legal assistance to help recover financial losses through compensation following  a motor incident that wasn't your fault;
  • access to a replacement vehicle in certain covered circumstances;
  • European (most countries) driving cover;
  • injury cover and physiotherapy for you and your partner plus any other named drivers after a motor accident.

Aviva Multi-car Insurance

  • you can add up to five vehicles on the one policy;
  • discounts of up to a third are available;
  • this can be a very convenient and cost-effective solution for multi-car families.

Aviva Temporary Car Insurance

This provides between 1-28 days of cover in situations where temporary cover is required – for example, when borrowing or testing a car. Lower age limits and other conditions apply.

Aviva Learner Car Insurance

Special offers available for learner drivers including pay-as-you-go (you must be a UK resident, 17 or older, and hold a provisional licence without penalty points, motoring convictions or offences).

Aviva Classic Car Insurance

Aviva classic car insurance is designed for vehicles;

  • manufactured before 1990 (or TVR before 1980);
  • worth at least £1,000;
  • not modified exclusively with racing features (i.e. roll cages or parachutes);
  • not a caravan or home-built kit car.

Aviva Van Insurance (private use)

This is available if you use a van for your personal purposes (not commercial) as a car.

Aviva Motorbike Insurance

Fully comprehensive and Third party, fire and theft cover options available.  Plus, you have the ability to add Foreign use and Foreign breakdown cover to either option.

Aviva Breakdown Cover

Enhanced cover available in options to include home start etc. 

Aviva Motorhome and Caravan Insurance

Two cover options are available, depending on whether you have a campervan or motorhome.

Cover for satnav, TV and satellite TV installations can be added on to both options.

Aviva Over 50s car insurance

There is no separate Aviva Over 50s car insurance policy but over 50s drivers may benefit from careful driver discounts; no-claims discounts; and, the extensive benefits as outlined above under other categories of cover.

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Reasons why you may consider Aviva car insurance

Here are some of the reasons you might wish to consider over 50s car insurance quotes from Aviva car insurance when you compare car insurance:

  • the confidence of dealing with the UK’s largest insurer;
  • 5-star Defaqto rating for 2018;
  • the multi-car cover policy simplifies things like renewals and offers you potentially significant discounts;
  • 4.5/5 score on customer reviews;
  • replacement lock cover is provided – should you lose your car keys (comprehensive policies only);
  • new car replacement (if you’ve owned your vehicle from new and it's less than 12 months old – comprehensive cover only);
  • replacement glass cover included (comprehensive cover only);
  • children’s seats replaced after an accident – even if there is no visible damage (comprehensive cover only);
  • tool cover of up to £500 for tools stolen, lost or damaged as a result of fire, theft or accident (comprehensive cover only). 

The above statements are indicative only. Please remember that, as with all car insurance, Aviva car insurance policies will be subject to terms, conditions and policyholder/applicant status.

When seeking quotations or cover information, you should always ensure that you provide full disclosure of your vehicle, driving licence status and any other pertinent facts required by the company.

If you are in any doubt as to the pertinence a piece of information has to your application, you should presume that disclosure is required and ask appropriate questions in advance from the insurance provider.

How to get an Aviva car insurance quotation

Our car insurance comparison service – provided in partnership with Quotezone - allows you to compare over 50s car insurance quotes from more than 90 UK companies including Hastings Direct, Swiftcover, RAC insurance and Swinton.

This will provide you with a broad-based and composite picture with a wide range of options offering what we believe are some attractive over 50s car insurance deals.

Our online car insurance comparison service is available with very little effort on your part. It typically only takes around two minutes or so to complete and gives you a good overview of the car insurance marketplace and what solution most suits you.

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