Age Co Car Insurance Review

  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Monthly payment of premium available at no extra cost (0% APR)
  • 24-hour accident helpline

Age Co is a leading provider of car insurance for the over 50s and whilst we don't offer their policies, we hope you find this review useful.

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About Age Co

Age UK has now rebranded AgeCo and is a UK registered charity. It was formed and registered in 2009 and originally comprised “Age Concern” and “Help the Aged”. Its conceptual origins can be traced back to 1940.

Its basic proposition is to provide a range of services, support and approved financial products to people aged 50 and over.

It offers a range of insurance products specifically tailored to the over 50’s age group. Their car insurance offered is provided by a partner organisation “Aegis Insurance Ltd”. At the time of writing, AgeCo has stated it will provide its over 50s car insurance product from a limited panel of insurance providers within “the next 12 months”

Age UK car insurance options  

Here is a list of your car insurance options with Age Co; for more detailed information please obtain a quote:

  • Third party, fire & theft
  • Third party only
  • Fully compehensive
  • legal protection
  • breakdown cover
  • excess protection
  • key protection

Reasons why you may consider car insurance from AgeUK

Here are just a few of the reasons you might wish think about over 50s car insurance quotations from AgeUK when trying to compare car insurance:

  • 10% of all customers who took out an Age UK comprehensive car insurance policy between Feb 2017 and July 2017 paid £198.39 or less
  • Feefo review level of 4.6/5 and awarded their “Gold Trusted Merchant” status (this is a verified review of the provider’s customer services based on external reviews);
  • no upper age limits;
  • monthly payment of premium available at no extra cost (0% APR);
  • 24-hour accident helpline;
  • good level of included EU driving cover;
  • no admin or cancellation fees;
  • an impressive selection of optional extras available, should you choose to purchase them to suit your individual circumstances and requirements;
  • no claims discount protection automatically provided (qualifying conditions apply);
  • guaranteed courtesy car - for an unlimited amount of time whilst your car is being repaired by an approved repairer if you have comprehensive cover.

As you may appreciate, the above statements may be subject to modification over time by Age UK, as the policy provider might change various aspects of their product’s details and cover levels without notice.

As is normal with all car insurance providers, Age UK’s provided car insurance policies will bring with them terms, conditions and exclusions. They may also be affected and therefore subject to variation, as a result of the individual driver’s/applicant’s or vehicle’s status. You may find that some of the above points relating to benefits and terms might not apply in your specific and individual circumstances.  

When looking for car insurance quotations or details relating to cover, it is imperative that you always provide full disclosure of all pertinent facts relating to your vehicle, driving licence status and any other information, as required by the company.

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The summary obtained will offer you a very broad-based snapshot view of a wide range of options, with the results showing some of the most attractive over 50s car insurance deals available in the market.

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