Churchill Car Insurance Review

  • Write off replacement - choose between a replacement, upgrade or the money if your car is written off
  • If your car is vandalised, Churchill will let you keep your No Claim Discount
  • Wide range of benefits and cover options

In what follows, we’ll offer our independent Churchill car insurance review.

We are aiming to provide something that will be of assistance to you when you’re trying to compare car insurance policies. It might also be of assistance in helping you to decide whether Churchill car insurance will be suitable for your requirements.

Important Information

May we respectfully draw to your attention that our car insurance reviews represent only a very broad-based and summarised illustration of the provider’s entire proposition. When you are looking at an actual quotation or insurance policy in a real-life context, the details may vary from what’s stated below once your exact individual circumstances have been considered and taken into account by Churchill Insurance.

Consequently, our reviews should not be seen as an alternative to reading the actual policy carefully prior to selecting it.

About Churchill

Churchill Insurance was one of the UK’s earliest “direct” motor insurers.

Their origins go back to 1990 when they started selling home insurance and since then, their activities have expanded and they now have a product portfolio that includes car insurance.

In 2003, Churchill was acquired by the Royal Bank of Scotland. This meant they were part of an insurance group that constitutes the second largest general insurer in the UK.

As part of the Royal Bank’s restructuring, Churchill became part of the Direct Line Group.  They are today famous for their bulldog branding and advertising which has led to their mascot dog figure becoming a virtual household name.

Their registered offices are in Bromley, Kent. Overall, the Direct Line Group employs in excess of 10,000 people in the UK.

For your peace of mind and reassurance, in the UK, Churchill Insurance policies are underwritten by UK Insurance of Leeds – a company fully registered with and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Churchill car insurance options

Churchill Insurance provides car cover comprising Third Party, Fire and Theft, and Fully Comprehensive.

Churchill Fully Comprehensive cover

This cover provides TPFT protection, plus:

  • damage to your car (market value based - definitions and conditions are applicable);
  • windscreen damage;
  • personal accident cover;
  • medical expenses;
  • personal belongings;
  • hotel expenses in qualifying circumstances;
  • new car cover – if your vehicle is less than one year old;
  • child car seats;
  • legal advice helpline.

Third Party, Fire and Theft car insurance

  • successful claims against you for death or injury you may have caused to others in an accident;
  • damage to the property of other people following an accident. This includes a towed trailer connected to your car;
  • driving another person’s vehicle with their permission. Cover only to Third Party level and conditions apply;
  • someone else driving your car with your permission;
  • passengers injured getting into or out of your car;
  • limited and conditional forms of legal costs protection;
  • theft and attempted theft;
  • fire, lightning and explosion damage;
  • Third Party cover for driving in EU and associated countries.

Additional options

Churchill car insurance also offers the following optional cover (extra cost applies)

  • breakdown cover;
  • enhanced car hire cover;
  • legal expenses cover;
  • no-claims discount protection.

Churchill Over 50s car insurance

Churchill Insurance does not provide a specific branded over 50s car insurance policy.

However, they make a commitment that their pricing is attractive and particularly so for over 50s drivers. They encourage interested over 50s drivers to seek a quotation to prove that their rates are competitive and take into account the traditionally safer driving statistics of drivers aged 50 plus.

Reasons why you may consider car insurance from Churchill Insurance

Here are some of the reasons that Churchill car insurance might be attractive to you:

  • one of the best-known brands in the UK;
  • a range of promises included as standard, such as vandalism not affecting your no-claims bonus, repairs guaranteed for 5 years (if conducted by an approved garage), courtesy car as standard when you use an approved garage for accident repairs (fully comprehensive only), 24-hour helpline;
  • multi-car discount options available (very useful in 2+ car family situations);
  • a wide selection of optional extras is available, which may be attractive to you depending upon your individual circumstances; and requirements;
  • legal helpline available.

May we please advise that all the above statements may be subject to change over time. Like all insurers, Churchill Insurance reserve the right to change and modify their product offerings without notice.

Churchill Insurance car insurance policies, as is perfectly normal with all car insurance providers, will bring with them terms, conditions and exclusions.

They may also be subject to variation as is dictated by the individual driver’s/applicant’s/vehicle’s unique status. You may find that certain of the above benefits will not apply in your individual circumstances.  

When you are searching for car insurance quotations or cover information, it is extremely important that you always provide full disclosure of all the pertinent facts relating to your vehicle, driving licence status and any other information, as required by the company.

Anyone seeking to obtain car insurance by making false, incomplete or deliberately misleading declarations may be putting their cover at risk in the event of a claim. They may also possibly be committing an offence under law.

In situations where you are unclear about the pertinence of a piece of information to your application or the exact nature of your individual situation, you should presume that full disclosure is required.

How to get a Churchill Insurance car insurance quotation

We hope you have found our Churchill car insurance review helpful. If you would like to get a car insurance price overview, it’s very convenient and easy to use our service in partnership with Quotezone. This service enables you to compare car insurance quotations from over 90 UK companies including Hastings Direct, RAC Insurance, Swiftcover and Swinton.

The picture you obtain as a result will offer you a very informative view covering a wide range of options across the marketplace, all offering some attractive over 50s car insurance deals in the marketplace.

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