Private Hospitals Your Choices

A Health Insurance Plan will give you quick access to the services provided by a private hospital.

Your choice of private hospitals will depend on your insurer who will usually have a directory for you to choose from.  With some health insurers you can reduce the amount you pay on a monthly basis by agreeing to be treated in hospital selected from a limited range. This may of course mean that you need to travel further for treatment, so make sure you are happy with the options available.

Here are some of the larger private hospitals you may have heard of:

Nuffield Health

Nuffield Health has a network of 200 facilities across the UK and offers a wide range of health services including 31 private Nuffield hospitals, health clinics, fitness and well being centres, diagnostic units and a whole host of treatments.

Spire Healthcare

Spire Healthcare was formed from the sale BUPA Hospitals in 2007 and has 37 private hospitals throughout the UK.  


BMI hospitals have a  choice of 65 and 4 private treatment centres throughout the UK.

Ramsay Healthcare

Ramsay has a network of 22 private hospitals, 9 treatment centres and 3 neurological units throughout the UK. 

Which ever private hospital you choose you can be sure of the best quality care and attention, and don't forget that you can compare health insurance quotes right here at Over50choices.

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