Compare funeral plans – how to compare the best plans

Comparing funeral plans could save you money and help you choose the best plan for you. In addition to price, when you compare prepaid plans, you may wish to consider which services are guaranteed, the payment options available, read customer reviews and check your plan is secure and your money safe.

From 29th July 2022, only Financial Conduct Authority authorised companies are allowed to sell or administer prepaid funeral plans. Our funeral plan comparison table lists those funeral plan providers who offer nationwide coverage throughout the UK, all of which the FCA "intends to authorise*.

Alternatively, if you prefer a simple cremation with no funeral service, read our prepaid direct cremations guide.

Funeral plan provider Single payment starts from Monthly payment option Deposit required Feefo or Trustpilot rating
Avalon £3,645 tick icon tick icon 4.9
Coop £3,735 tick icon tick icon 3.3
Crystal Cremations £3,245 tick icon cross image NA
Dignity £3,495 tick icon cross image 4.7
Ecclesiastical NA NA   NA
Golden Charter £3,495 tick icon tick icon 4.6
Golden Leaves £3,594 tick icon tick icon 4.7
Memoria £3,199 tick icon   4.8

Prices shown are for ‘standard plans’ that include a simple coffin, hearse and no limousines. Information on each provider’s full range of funeral plans can be found on their website.

*You can find a full list of FCA authorised companies here

What is a funeral plan and how does it work?

A funeral plan is a way you can arrange and pay for your funeral services in advance. It includes the basic services required for a cremation or burial in the UK. The price you pay for your plan is fixed and based on today’s prices, avoiding future inflation.

When the time comes, the funeral director will provide the services as detailed in the funeral plan with nothing more to pay.

For more information, read our guide to prepaid funeral plans.

Which is the best funeral plan?

The best funeral plan will depend on your circumstances and budget. What services would you like your funeral plan to include? Do you want cars for family and a high quality coffin, or would a simple funeral be a better option?

Do you prefer to pay for your prepaid plan in one go, or spread your payments over a number of years?

Finding the best funeral plan isn’t just about price. After all the cheapest prepaid funeral plan may end up costing more in the long run if it doesn’t include the services you and your family want.

Which is where comparing all aspects of a prepaid funeral plan can help.

Top 10 funeral plan tips on how to find the best plan

Here are our top 10 tips for finding the best funeral plan for you:

  1. Consider your budget. Do you prefer to pay in one go or monthly? Most providers let you pay over 12 months at no extra cost.
  2. Check when you will be covered for the funeral services if choosing a monthly funeral plan. Also, if there is a deposit to pay and what the total cost of the plan will be.
  3. Decide if you prefer cremation or burial. If you are undecided, check the plan can be used for both options and how it works.
  4. Consider whether you want limousines for family or if they can use their own cars. Simple plans have no cars, whereas more comprehensive plans have one or two.
  5. Think about the type of coffin you want. Do you want something simple or more elaborate? Typically, the more comprehensive plans will have higher quality coffins.
  6. Make sure you are happy with the plan providers choice of funeral director if you already have one in mind.
  7. Find out what will happen if you move and whether moving the plan to another funeral director will incur additional fees.
  8. Check you are happy with the cancellation policy.
  9. Only choose a company that the FCA intends to authorise.
  10. Tell your family what you have done. Having the best funeral plan in the world won’t help if your family or friends aren’t aware you have one.

How to compare funeral plans

Once you have decided on the type of funeral plan you prefer, be it a standard, midrange or superior plan, you can start comparing like for like plans funeral plan providers the FCA intends to authorise. Compare price, payment options and service in addition to any other aspects that are important to you. Our top 10 funeral plan tips may help you here.

Then, after deciding on the best prepaid funeral plan for you, you could read the company reviews to make sure you are happy with your choice.

best funeral plans

compare funeral plans

Funeral plan reviews

We have reviewed providers who provide national coverage across the UK. Our reviews cover information on the company, the types of plan, whether they are safe, the pros and cons and payment methods available.

You can use this information as part of your research into finding the best funeral plan that suits your needs.

Crystal Cremations
Golden Charter
Golden Leaves

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