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Compare prepaid cremation plans

To compare the best prepaid cremation plans, consider the cost, what services are guaranteed and whether there are any hidden extras. Some pre-paid direct cremation funeral plans may look cheap however there could be more for your family to pay.

The following comparison table compares market leading UK providers to help you choose the best plan for you. Having compared the market, we have chosen Golden Leaves as our trusted partner, so if you would like a brochure or quote for their plans, we can help.

Provider Price FPA registered Collection fully covered Ashes delivered Cremation fees Doctors fees
More detail iconGolden Leaves £1,495* Yes Yes Yes Guaranteed Guaranteed
More detail iconGolden Charter £1,749 Yes No No Allowance Allowance
More detail iconSimplicity £1,495 Yes Yes Yes Guaranteed Not included
More detail iconPure Cremation £1,595 Yes Yes Yes Guaranteed Guaranteed
More detail iconAvalon £1,895 Yes Yes Yes Guaranteed Guaranteed
More detail iconRespect Express £1,550 No No No Guaranteed Not included
More detail iconMemoria £1,450 Yes No Yes Guaranteed Not included
More detail iconSimplicita £1,645 Yes No No Allowance Not included
More detail iconOpen £1,845 Yes No No Allowance Allowance
More detail iconInformation *Save £198 when you apply by 30th May 2022 Request more information

Although a simple cremation, when it comes to comparing prepaid cremation plans, you want to ensure that the company you choose offers the best price but also a dignified and professional service, which is where we can help.

What is a prepaid direct cremation plan?

Prepaid direct cremation plans let you arrange and pay for your cremation in advance. Choosing to prepay this way means you can arrange the direct cremation services you want and pay for them at today’s prices.

Prepaid plans typically include the services required for a direct cremation, such as collection and care of the deceased, a simple unattended cremation and return of the ashes. However which services are guaranteed and whether there are any additional costs will depend on the low cost funeral provider you choose, which is why comparing prepaid direct funeral plans can be so important.

For more information read our direct cremation reviews.

Which is the best direct cremation funeral plan?

The best cremation funeral plan should include a dignified simple cremation with no hidden extras, provided by a company you can trust. Having compared the UKs direct cremation funeral plans, the company we have chosen to partner with is Golden Leaves.

In addition to offering one of the best priced prepaid direct cremation plans, Golden Leaves completely guarantee all the services in the plan including collection from home, hospital or a care home 24 hours a day, doctors fees and return of the ashes. So you can be sure your family will have no nasty surprises when the time comes.

And unlike some companies that only operate from one location, Golden Leaves provide their cremation services throughout the UK, using a nationwide network of Crematoriums.

Is a prepaid cremation a good idea?

A prepaid cremation plan could be a good idea if you prefer a fuss free simple cremation and would like to prepay and arrange everything in advance. To be sure your money is safe, it’s also a good idea to consider companies that are registered with the FPA.

In addition, check which services are included and guaranteed. A prepaid direct cremation plan may not be such a great idea if your family is left with additional costs when the time comes.

Is it cheaper to prepay for cremation?

A prepaid cremation can be cheaper as you are fixing the cost at today’s prices, avoiding future inflation. Once your prepaid direct cremation plan is in place, the services guaranteed in your plan will be carried out when the time comes at no extra cost to your family, no matter when that is in the future.

Top tips for comparing prepaid direct funeral plans

Although a few direct cremation plans guarantee all of the services included, others have hidden extras that your family may have to pay for when the time comes. Therefore when you compare direct cremation funeral plans, just remember some companies:

  • Charge extra for collection out of hours
  • Don't include doctors fees, when required
  • Charge extra for collection from home or a nursing home
  • Only include an allowance for the cremation fees that could leave family with more to pay
  • Operate from a single location
  • Charge extra for return of the ashes

At the end of the day the cheapest prepaid cremation plan may not be the best if there are additional services to pay for when the time comes.

How much does a prepaid cremation cost?

The cost of a prepaid direct cremation plan is typically between £1,500 to £2,000. However, the overall cost of a prepaid cremation will depend on the company you choose, the services included and how you prefer to pay for your plan.

Payment options

Paying in one go is cheaper and many low cost funeral plan providers let you spread the cost over 12 months without incurring additional fees.

Monthly payment direct cremation funeral plans

If you prefer to pay monthly for your cremation only funeral plan, instalment options are available. Typically your services will be guaranteed either after you have completed your payments or after an initial waiting period of 12 months.

We have chosen to partner with Golden Leaves as their monthly payment plan is unique. Unlike other plans you are fully guaranteed for the services included in the plan immediately. No other low cost funeral plan provider offers this option. You just pay a £49 deposit to benefit from immediate cover.

Golden Leaves information

You do incur additional charges with monthly payment cremation only funeral plans for the benefit of spreading your payments, however the total cost will be made clear to you at the outset. 

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What should I do now?

To find out more about how prepaid plans compare, take a look at our comparison table for details of leading UK providers and read our reviews.

Alternatively you can request a brochure.

For more information on cremation only funerals, read our direct cremation guide.

*Save £198 when you apply by 30th May 2022.

*The Sunlife cost of dying report average funeral costs - £4,056

Frequently asked questions

  • What happens if my family decide they want a funeral service?
    • If your family decide they don’t want direct cremation, they can cancel the plan and receive a refund minus the cancelation fee.

  • Can viewing at the chapel of rest be arranged?
    • Viewing is not usually available with a direct funeral however families could always agree a collection time that allows for visiting first.

  • Is my money safe?
    • When you buy a prepaid cremation plan your money is held in either a trust fund or a life insurance policy.

      Trust based plan – The trust should be independent of the plan provider, which means your money is protected if something were to happen to the company.

      Insurance based plan - The policy is regulated and therefore protected by the Financial conduct Authority.

      Choosing a company that is registered with and therefore regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority means you are also protected by their controls and safeguards.

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