Choosing Health Insurance: our top 10 tips

Choosing Health Insurance: our top 10 tips main image

Looking for a private health insurance plan can seem quite daunting - where do you start? 

 People usually look for a new health insurance plan for one of the following reasons: 

  • You may have just left a company health scheme 
  • Looking to switch from your current provider 
  • Just started to look for a new policy for the first time 

The rationale is typically to reduce costs or to give you peace of mind that should you become ill or have an accident that you feel confident that you will receive the best treatment without having to wait. A lot of the time it's the same consultants that work in private practice that also work for the NHS, so the key benefits will be that you will be seen quicker and that the private hospital is likely to specialise in your particular area of need.

Top 10 Tips for choosing health insurance

Once you have viewed the slide show you might want to start by comparing health insurance quotes to give some ideas on monthly costs. 

As you will have seen there are various options available to you, both in terms of levels of cover and ways to reduce the monthly payments.

health insurance top 10 tips

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