Cost-effective healthcare for the Over 50’s

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No matter what your age, keeping in the optimum of health is important. So when your health goes wrong – maybe something major such as a bad back that prevents you from working and affects your quality of living, or something such as a niggling toothache that is just as painful but to some, more minor - you’ll want to get it treated as soon as possible.

While the NHS offers a fantastic, free service; if we suffer from an illness or disease, sometimes the wait times in getting diagnosed and treated can be lengthy. (Currently, this can be up to 18 weeks).

And with figures revealing that only 1 in 5 dentists now accept NHS patients, getting that toothache treated can work out costly.

So, what are your options?
There are a number of health insurance options available, depending on whether you are looking for:

private medical insurance (PMI) which complements the service offered by the NHS by allowing you to pay (and be reimbursed) for when and how soon you are seen, and covers the costs of diagnosis and treatment (up to pre-agreed limits); or,
a health cash plan, which typically covers, up to set limits, a percentage of your day-to-day medical bills such as optical, dentistry, physiotherapy etc.

It is not uncommon for people to have both a private medical insurance plan and a health cash plan in place. This ensures that they get the medical treatment they need quickly and with very little cost involved. 

Our health insurance comparison form enables you to get quotes, compare the various health plans, and get advice if you need it, so you can choose the cover that most suits your own unique needs – and your budget. 

What about my age?
You may be surprised just how cost-effective cover can be – and age is not an obstacle …

Hitting your 50’s can mean you enjoy things like cheaper car insurance, which is great. And if you are looking for a health cash plan, then in most cases, your age is irrelevant. 

With most providers, the premium is calculated on the level of cover you want. You also do not need to answer a medical declaration, meaning cover is quick and easy to get.

If you are looking for private health insurance, while your age and any pre-existing medical conditions will influence the cost of the cover, the good news is that there are progressive insurers who appreciate that you can be just as fit and healthy as a vibrant fifty plus as you were as in your 20’s and 30’s. They offer PMI that is calculated on your own particular lifestyle and fitness – rather than a ‘blanket’ premium.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, then this may be excluded, or the insurer may be happy to cover the condition for an extra premium. 

Getting covered
In summary, if you don’t want the cost of your annual eye or dental examinations or course of physiotherapy sessions to affect your bank balance, then a cash plan may be the answer.

And if want the peace of mind of knowing that if you do get ill, you will get a prompt diagnosis and treatment at a time and place convenient to you, then PMI may be appropriate for you.

Finding out more about the range of health insurance policies available could be a solution, so why not take a look at your options and see for yourself.

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