Respect Express Direct Cremation Review

  • Operates direct cremation services across England and Wales
  • Offers both direct cremation or direct Green Burials, both without at funeral service
  • Prices are based on where you live so variable and not transparent
  • Cremation fees are guaranteed but other services may need to be paid for

Who is Respect Express?

Respect Express Cremations is part of Respect Funeral Services, established in 2009. Initially a woodland burial provider, Respect has the largest number of fully approved green burial plots in the UK at their two sites based in Laughton and Bawtry.

Having launched their direct cremation services, Respect operate their service throughout England and Wales from their base in the North Midlands where the cremations actually take place.

In addition to funeral services, Respect have also developed their own eco friendly green coffins and shrouds.

What plans do they offer?

As well as providing at need services through their Respect funeral services brand and woodland burial services, Respect Express offer direct funeral services for both cremation and woodland burial. For the purposes of this direct funeral review, we will be concentrating on their direct cremation service only:

The Respect Express Direct Cremation Plan: The price of the plan depends on where you live as transportation will be to the Respect premises based in the North Midlands. For example someone living in the Midlands would expect to pay from £1,295 for their services (which includes their admin fee) whereas those living in the South East, South West or London area should expect to pay at least £1,550.

For this the plan includes collection from a hospital or mortuary within working hours; a shroud, cremation fees and scattering of ashes within the selected crematoriums grounds.

Will there be more for my family to pay when the time comes?

As the price for the Respect Express direct funeral plan depends on region, it is not clear how much it will actually cost in the first instance but the following add ons could also apply:

As collection is only from a hospital or mortuary, additional fees of currently up to £260 would be applicable if you were to die at home or in a nursing home.

In addition collection is only within working hours so transportation out of Respect’s core working hours would also need to be paid for.

The plan comes with a shroud so if you did want to change this to a coffin, it could be arranged but at an extra price. For example a cardboard coffin would be an extra £80 whereas a wood effect coffin would be £95.

Doctor’s fees are not included in the direct cremation plan for the second death certificate so if this is still required, it would also need to be paid for at the time of need.

Finally ashes can be returned to the family but they would need to pay the delivery charges which would again be based on location. You could always choose to have the ashes buried in one of Respects woodland burial grounds but this also would incur additional fees.   

How can I be sure my money is safe?

The funds you pay for your Respect Express direct funeral plan are held in a trust fund however there isn’t much information readily available on details of the trust itself.

How can I pay for my direct funeral plan?

You can pay for your Respect direct funeral plan either in one go or by instalments however this information would need to be discussed over the phone as fees vary depending on where you live and the services you choose.

Is there an age limit for the Respect Express Direct Cremation Plan?

As long as you are 18 or above you can buy a plan.

Can I cancel my plan?

As there are no terms and conditions readily accessible, this information is not available to us at this time.

What happens if I move home?

Again this information is not readily available however as cost varies by region, additional fees for moving would probably depend on what part of the country you are moving to.

Our Respect Express Cremations review verdict

From the information available which is fairly limited it would appear that Respect funeral services have developed from a north midlands based company offering local services specifically for woodland burials to a company that has moved into low cost cremation and burials throughout England and Wales.

As their actual cremation services are carried out local to where their offices are based, costs vary, so the price of the plans is far from transparent which makes comparing direct cremation plans against other providers more challenging.

Whether this will change over time as the company becomes more experienced in direct cremation on a wider scale remains to be seen but certainly at the moment, if you are interested in their services, you would need to call them so the plan can be tailored to suit your circumstances.

In addition, their core offering does mean that there could be additional costs so keep this in mind when choosing the right direct funeral plan for you. 

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