Pure Cremation Review

  • Owned by experienced funeral directors, dedicated to direct cremation
  • Collection throughout England and Wales at no extra cost
  • Ashes hand delivered to the family if required free of charge
  • Competitively priced at £1,595 or from £6.25 a month
  • Excellent customer reviews

pure cremation

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In this review: We look at the benefits of a Pure Cremation prepaid plan, how they compare & whether they offer good value

Pure Cremation are the only UK company completely dedicated to direct cremation low cost funerals. Operating in England, Wales and parts of Scotland, their no fuss funeral plan guarantees all of the services included and for your security, Pure Cremation are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority.

Who is Pure Cremation?

Owned and managed by funeral directors with over 30 years experience, Pure Cremation was launched in 2016 as the requirement for simple direct cremations without an actual funeral service grew.

Based in Newbury, Berkshire, Pure Cremation offer their direct cremation services throughout England and Wales, utilising the services of a number of crematoriums. They are also currently in the process of building their own purpose built crematorium and use solid pine eco coffins and biodegradable urns for ashes as part of the management of their carbon footprint.   

Owning their own crematorium means that Pure Cremation will handle every part of the service offered; from collection by one of the experienced fleet of drivers to hand delivery of ashes.

You may have also seen the Pure Cremation TV ad campaign that shows just how simple this type of funeral is;

Which prepaid direct plans do they offer?

Pure cremation offer two forms of direct cremation service; an ‘at need’ service for people who wish to arrange a simple cremation funeral for someone who has just died and a ‘prepaid direct cremation plan’ for those wanting to plan for the future. For the purposes of this direct funeral plan review we will concentrate mainly on the ‘Prepaid’ option, however for those who are looking to arrange a direct funeral straight away, here are some brief details on the service provided:

At need service

The ‘at need’ package is a simple direct cremation without a funeral service. For a one off cost of £1,195, the service includes collection from any hospital or coroner’s mortuary in England and Wales, cremation fees and doctor’s fees if applicable; a solid pine eco coffin and either the scattering of ashes in a garden of remembrance or return of ashes by hand delivery if preferred.

Additional costs of £250 are incurred when collection is from home, a nursing home or hospice any time of the day or night.

For at need call 0800 133 7656

Prepaid cremation planpure cremation tv

The prepaid plan is £1,595 and includes the services required for a simple direct cremation in the future, again without a funeral service.

The plan includes collection anywhere throughout England and Wales within 2 hours of Edinburgh and Glasgow 24 hours a day; cremation fees and doctor’s fees if they apply, a solid pine eco coffin and the return or scattering of the ashes or hand delivered to the family.

With both options any additional charges for ferry crossing from the Isle of Wight or Isle of Man would need to also be paid for.

You can find out more about direct funerals on our main direct cremation page.

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How can I pay for my Pure Cremation Plan?

  • Trust based direct cremation plan
    • With Pure Cremation’s trust based plan, your money is held securely in an independently managed trust fund.

      You can pay in one go or over 6 months which is the cheapest option as you don’t incur any additional fees. However if prefer to spread your payments over a longer period, you can pay monthly over 1,2,3,4 or 5 years.

      Payment period Monthly instalment Total payment
      6 months £265.83 £1,595
      12 months £138.23 £1,659
      24 months £71.78 £1,723
      36 months £49.62 £1,786
      48 months £38.55 £1,841
      60  months £31.90 £1,914

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  • Over 50's direct cremation plan
    • With Pure Cremation’s over 50s direct cremation plan, your money placed securely in whole of life insurance policy.

      This payment option has low monthly premiums based on age and is available for anyone between the ages of 50 to 75. Your premiums are payable either for life or until you are 90 and you are covered for your services as soon as you have made 24 monthly payments.

      Your age Monthly payment
      50 £6.25
      51 £6.48
      52 £6.73
      53 £7.00
      54 £7.29
      55 £7.61
      56 £7.96
      57 £8.34
      58 £8.76
      59 £9.22
      60 £9.74
      61 £10.31
      62 £10.95
      63 £11.35
      64 £11.84
      65 £12.36
      66 £13.00
      67 £13.78
      68 £14.54
      69 £15.72
      70 £17.07
      71 £17.91
      72 £18.28
      73 £18.63
      74 £18.95
      75 £19.13

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Will there be more for my family to pay when the time comes?

Everything included in the plan from collection anywhere throughout England, Wales and within 2 hours of Edinburgh and Glasgow; the cremation fees and doctors fees if required, through to the scattering or hand delivery of the ashes once the cremation has taken place is fully guaranteed.

This means that there will never be anything more to pay for these services, no matter when it is in the future.

How can I be sure my money is safe?

When you pay for a Pure Cremation direct funeral plan your money is ethically invested in a trust fund, which is a completely separate entity. Therefore if anything were to happen to Pure Cremation, the trust fund remains intact and will either use another company to carry out your direct cremation services, refund the money paid in minus the admin fee or pay the current value of the plan to a funeral director chosen by your family.

The money can only be removed from the trust fund if you cancel the direct funeral plan or on death – in which instance a copy of the death certificate would be required.

Pure Cremation is also registered with the Funeral Planning Authority which means your money will also be protected by their Safeguards.

Is there an age limit on Pure Cremation Plans?

As long as you are 18 or above you can buy a plan.

Can I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your direct cremation prepaid plan at anytime. If you cancel within your initial 30 day review period you will receive a complete refund. If you cancel after this period you will receive your money back, minus the admin fee of £350.

What happens if I move home?

If you move the direct funeral plan moves with you at no extra cost, as long as it is within England or Wales and within 2 hours of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Just let Pure Cremation know your new address and they will update your details at no extra cost.

Our Pure Cremation Review Verdict

Pure Cremation was one of the first companies to offer a simple direct funeral and the only company completely dedicated to this funeral option.

All of the services included in the plan are completely guaranteed with no hidden extras. This means there are no extra charges for collection, regardless of whether the death occurs at home or in a nursing home or when transportation is required out of working hours.

They operate from one location with a fleet of cars and a team of uniformed professionals providing services through England, Wales and within 2 hours of Glasgow or Edinburgh. Once the cremation has taken place the ashes can either be scattered on the garden of remembrance at their crematorium or returned to the family by hand within 28 days.

Our Offer

We partner with Pure Cremation as they offer great value for money and a comprehensive service.

And when you apply before 30/9/20 you will receive a £25 M&S gift card.

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