Simplicity Cremations Review 2022

  • Collection throughout mainland Great Britain 24 hours a day
  • Services included in the plan are guaranteed
  • Plans do not include doctor’s fees
  • 3 plans to choose from

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Market insight: For a direct cremation plan that does include doctors fees at no extra cost, see our Golden Leaves Review.

Simplicity cremation reviews - 2022

Customer reviews – customers rate the service provided by Simplicity Cremations as 4.8 out of 5 on the independent review website Feefo

Industry reviews – you can also see how the independent consumer body Fairer Finance review Simplicity Cremations compared to other leading direct cremation providers in their latest report.

Who is Simplicity?

Simplicity Cremations provide low-cost funeral services for families looking for a cheaper fuss free alternative to a traditional funeral. As part of Dignity, Simplicity Cremations provide direct cremation and simple attended cremations throughout mainland Great Britain including England, Scotland and Wales.

(Simplicity funerals are not available in Northern Ireland, the Scottish Isles, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands).

Please note - although there is no Dignity direct cremation plan, as they operate under Simplicity Cremations for this type of funeral.

What plans do they offer?

Simplicity Cremations offer direct cremation services for people who have just died and prepaid direct cremation plans for those looking to plan ahead. This review looks at Simplicity’s range of prepaid options, which includes their Lily, Magnolia and Orchid funeral plans.

The Lily Direct Cremation Plan – This Simplicity funeral plan offers an unattended cremation without a service. It includes collection anywhere in mainland Great Britain 24 hours a day, a simple coffin, cremation fees and the return of the ashes in a simple container.

The Magnolia Direct Cremation Plan – This Simplicity funeral plan offers the same services as the Lily plan with the option for up to 12 people to attend the committal. This would be held at the closest Dignity Crematorium to the resting place at 9 am on a date of Simplicity's choosing.

The Orchid Direct Cremation Plan - This Simplicity funeral plan includes all the services in the Lily plan in addition to a full-length service in the chapel. There is no limit on attendees and the service is organised by family who can arrange any music, eulogies and readings they would like. The service would be held at the closest Dignity crematorium to the resting place.

You can find out more about direct funerals on our main direct cremation page.

Will there be more for my family to pay when the time comes?

The services detailed in the Lily, Magnolia and Orchid prepaid cremation plans are completely guaranteed. However, none of the Simplicity Cremations plans include provision for doctor’s fees if a second death certificate is required. If this is required, it would need to be paid for at the time of need.

The current cost for doctor’s fees is around £164.

For a direct cremation funeral plan that is the same price but includes doctor’s fees at no extra cost, see our Golden Leaves review.

Golden Leaves information

Are Simplicity funerals safe?

When you buy a Simplicity Cremations funeral plan your money is placed in the National Funeral Trust Fund which is a completely independent and separate entity. I anything were to happen to Simplicity Cremations, the trust fund with your money in it remains in place, ready to pay for your direct cremation services.

Also as a trading style of Dignity, Simplicity Cremations abides by the rules and code of conduct of the Funeral Planning Authority to ensure you money is protected by their safeguards.

How much do Simplicity Cremations cost?

The cheapest way to pay for your Simplicity Direct plan is either with a single payment, or if you prefer over 12 months as you won’t incur any additional fees.

If you prefer to spread your costs over a longer period, instalment options are available from 12 months to 10 years. Additional fees are added for all instalment options longer than a year but these would be made clear to you at the outset.

Payment Options
Lily Plan

Magnolia Plan

Orchid Plan
Single payment £1,495 £1,795 £2,295
Monthly Payment Options
12 Monthly Payments

Total payable



2 Year Payments

Total payable



3 Year Payments

Total payable



5 Year Payments

Total payable



10 Year Payments

Total payable




Do Simplicity funerals have any age restrictions?

You must be 50 or older to buy a Simplicity funeral plan and although there is no upper threshold for payment in full or over 12 months, all instalment payments must be complete by the time you are 80.

Can I cancel my plan?

All Simplicity direct cremation plans come with a 30 day review period once you have applied to ensure you are completely happy with what is included. If you change your mind and cancel during this time, the money you have paid for your plan would be fully refunded.

If you choose to cancel your direct funeral plan after this period, you will receive all your money back minus a cancellation fee of £95.

What happens if I move?

If you move anywhere within mainland Great Britain, the plan moves with you at no extra cost. Just let Simplicity Cremations know your new address so they can update your details.

Simplicity Cremations reviews - verdict

Simplicity is part of Dignity so you have the security and reassurance that your services are in the hands of nationwide funeral service provider.

At £1,495 for the Lily plan, Simplicity offer one of the lowest priced direct cremation service however plans do not include doctor’s fees. If required these will need to be paid for by the family at the time of need.

In addition the Magnolia and Orchid plans offer flexibility to families who want a simple cremation but may still prefer to attend the chapel. Be aware though that the crematorium will be the nearest Dignity crematorium to your resting place, which may or may not be local to family.

For information on a direct cremation plan for £1,495 that includes doctor’s fees, take a look at our Golden Leaves review.




Golden Leaves direct cremation review

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We have partnered with Golden Leaves as we believe their plans offer good value for money with a more local service and at a competitive price.

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