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Travel frequently plays a major part of people’s retirement plans. Free from the restrictions of work, the world really is your oyster. Choosing the right over 70s travel insurance will give you the confidence to travel safely, knowing you are protected against theft or cancellations and covered for any medical emergencies that may arise.

If you are ready to compare over 70 travel insurance quotes, our online comparison service will help you compare some of the UK’s leading travel insurance providers.

Alternatively, if you want to understand more about how travel insurance for over 70s works and find out which is the best cover for you, the following guide will help

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Our over 70 travel insurance comparison service is free, quick and easy to use. Through our partnership with Quotezone, you can compare travel insurance quotes with over 30 different companies - including Endsleigh, Holiday Extras, Insurance Republic, Swiftcover and Ageas Insurance.

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Alternatively you can go direct to over 70s travel insurance specialists, Staysure or Saga.

What is over 50s travel insurance?

Updated 13th July 2023

Over 70's travel insurance provides protection against travel-related risks and expenses. It can either be arranged through regular UK travel insurance providers or specialist over 50 travel insurance companies that cater solely for the needs of the more mature traveller.

What does travel insurance for over 70 year olds cover?

In addition to providing regular holiday cover, specialist travel insurance for over 70 year olds can be tailored to include enhanced cover for medical conditions, including pre-existing conditions such as cancer and diabetes.

In addition, you can choose from a number of optional extras such as medical equipment cover, cruise insurance, gadget and golf cover and protection against winter sports and other leisure activities.

It’s worth mentioning that over 70s travel insurance provides protection against all things travel related, including cancelation due to illness or injury. So it’s important to buy your plan as soon as you book your holiday.

What doesn’t over 70 travel insurance cover?

Like all holiday insurance policies, travel insurance for over 70 year olds will come with its own set of exclusions. In addition to high risk activities and injury whilst under the influence of alcohol, you will not be covered for undisclosed pre-existing health conditions, so it’s important to be completely honest when applying for your plan.

Is travel insurance more expensive over 70 – what are the costs?

Travel insurance for over 70s is more expensive as older travellers are considered higher risk with a greater chance of requiring medical treatment whilst on holiday.

In addition to your age, the cost of over 70s travel insurance is also based on your destination, length of trip and level of cover, which is why comparing policies is a must.

What are the different types of travel insurance policies?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the type of holiday insurance you need.

Firstly, how many times are you planning to travel in the next 12 months?

Single trip travel insurance is generally cheaper and will cover you for one holiday. However, if you are planning two or more breaks, you may want to consider Annual travel insurance or multi-trip insurance as it is also known, as it may work out cheaper in the long-term.

Secondly, where are you planning to go?

Most insurance companies give you the option of choosing between Europe, Worldwide (excluding USA, Canada and the Caribbean) and Worldwide.

Finally, you will have the option to choose between, basic, standard and comprehensive plans or if choosing specialist over 70 travel insurance, tailor the plan to suit your needs.

What is the maximum age for travel insurance?

The maximum age for travel insurance will depend on the insurer. Whilst some standard policies impose a maximum age of 75 or 80, more specialist insurers such as Saga and Staysure have no upper age limit. So regardless of whether you are over 70 or over 80 years of age, holiday cover is available.

What is the best over 70s travel insurance?

The best over 70s travel insurance will provide the right level of protection based on your individual needs. Comparing plans should help you save money but don’t just buy the cheapest plan as you may come to regret it.

Cheap over 70s travel insurance may be a tempting option however if it doesn’t provide the cover you need, perhaps for pre-existing medical conditions, it may prove to be a costly mistake.

What should I do now?

When you’re ready to compare over 70 travel insurance, click on the button below to receive quotes from leading insurers.

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Alternatively if you would like to review quotes from specialist over 70 travel insurance providers, you can get quotes for Staysure and Saga travel insurance here:

Staysure travel insurance quote

Saga travel insurance quote

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