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Ashley Shepherd is the founder and managing director at Over50choices. With over 30 years’ experience in financial services, he has held senior roles in building societies, banks and insurance companies. 

Ashley Shepherd
22nd Nov 2022

4 little known truths about equity release

You would be forgiven for thinking that releasing equity from your home is a risky business, as there are numerous myths floating around that may scare some homeowners

09th Jun 2022

Your equity release questions answered

We answer your equity release questions. Equity release is growing in popularity and if you're 55+ could help you release cash from your home. Start your research here.

04th Jun 2022

Direct cremation frequently asked questions

We answer all of your direct cremation questions. The simple cremation that is growing in popularity. Start your research here.

03rd Oct 2021

Are Funeral Plans better than Over 50s Life Insurance?

Is a prepaid funeral plan or over 50 life insurance better for you? We compare the two, to help you decide. Read on and get a quote for both options.

01st Oct 2021

Choosing a funeral plan for your parents

Are you helping your parent choose a prepaid funeral plan? Single of joint funeral plans are available. Find out mroe and get a quote today.

06th Aug 2021

What is no medical life insurance?

Could no-medical life insurance be the answer to your worries about getting life cover later in life? Find out now and get a quote from the UK’s leading insurers.

14th Jul 2021

Joint Funeral Plans a Cheaper Way to Prepay

Are you aware of your options when it comes to joint funeral plans? They may save you money.

12th Jul 2021

Will over 50 life insurance pay for my funeral?

With funeral costs rising, find out how over 50 life insurance could help towards the cost of your funeral and how a prepaid funeral plan could enable you to do more.

06th Jul 2021

How old is too old for life insurance?

In fact, you are never too old - or too young - to think about your life insurance needs

22nd Jun 2021

Choosing life insurance for your parent

We get more involved in our parents financial decisions as they get older amp; helping them to choose life insurance could be a wise decision

15th May 2021

What is the nearest crematorium to me?

When arranging a funeral you have the flexibility to choose any UK crematorium, regardless of whether it’s privately owned or run by the council.

09th Nov 2020

What to write on a sympathy card

Writing a sympathy card isn’t easy. Naturally, you worry about saying the wrong thing, and upsetting our friend or relation at an already difficult time. Feeling this way is perfectly normal, but even the briefest message can mean a lot and comfort the bereaved person, so it's always worth making the effort.

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