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Ashley Shepherd is the founder and managing director at Over50choices. With over 30 years’ experience in financial services, he has held senior roles in building societies, banks and insurance companies. 

Ashley Shepherd
14th Apr 2024

How to avoid inheritance tax on property

In this guide we explain how to reduce the inheritance tax payable on your property and why leaving it too late could cost you and your family thousands.

10th Apr 2024

What is Power of Attorney?

Read our simple guide to Power of Attorney to understand how it works and the importance of choosing the right type for your needs.

11th Mar 2024

What does Martin Lewis think about equity release?

Martin Lewis’ view on equity release is that it could be a good option if you’re over 55, need to increase your income and are not concerned about leaving an inheritance.

19th Jan 2024

What does Martin Lewis say about pension drawdown?

Money saving expert Martin Lewis offers pension advice to all ages. We take a look at what he says about pension drawdown.

11th Dec 2023

How can I increase my retirement income?

What if your retirement income doesn’t support the things you want to do, or maybe you’re not ready to slow down and feel you want to create additional income by doing something new.

10th Dec 2023

Is equity release a good idea?

Is equity release a good idea? We look at the detail to help you make an informed decision as to whether its right for you.

13th Oct 2023

Car insurance costs soar as 61% pay more for their renewal

A recent survey by leading UK car insurance comparison specialist Quotezone has found that 61% of those surveyed said their car insurance renewal was more expensive in 2023.

16th Jun 2023

Why I’d be happy for my parents to take equity release

In a perfect world the best time to take equity release is when interest rates are at their lowest – but life’s not perfect.

09th Jun 2023

Equity release companies to avoid

This is a must read if you're considering equity release. Knwing which companies to avoid could save you time & money.

20th Mar 2023

Switching equity release providers

Switching equity release provider and transferring to a better interest rate could save you money but there are other reasons people choose to change lender.

20th Mar 2023

Equity release – what happens on death?

When you die, your equity release loan will need to be repaid. Although this is usually through the sale of your property, there are other options available for paying back the loan.

09th Jan 2023

What can you use equity release for?

See what our customers used their plan for in 2022. In most cases there was more than one reason.

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