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Over 60 railcards save older train users money on their rail fares. In addition to cheaper train tickets, an over 60 railcard also gives you access to further discounts on products and services such as dining out, west end shows and holidays available through Senior Railcard’s list of trusted partners.

The following information explains how over 60 railcards work, where you can use them, the discounts available and how to get one so you can benefit from cheaper rail fares.

What is an over 60 railcard?rail card for 60s

An over 60 railcard saves you a third off your rail fares and gives you access to discounts with senior railcard’s range of partners. Rail discounts apply to standard, first class anytime, off-peak and advance fares, and save train users an average of £125 each year.

So, if you are a keen traveler, love to go out on day trips or have family just a train journey away, a senior citizen railcard is worth considering.

Where can I use it?

A senior citizen railcard can be used for train journeys throughout England, Scotland and Wales. There is no limit to the number of times you can use it however there are some senior railcard restrictions for certain areas during peak times.

Senior railcard restrictions

Senior railcard restrictions don’t allow the card to be used between two stations inside the London and South East area during morning peak times. However, these railcard restrictions don’t apply to weekends or bank holidays. Also, discounts don’t apply to season tickets, Eurostar, the London underground and docklands light railway.

Use of the over 60 railcard may also be restricted on some special excursions, charter trains and special offers specific to certain train companies.

How much does a senior railcard cost?

A senior railcard costs £30 for one year which means after a couple of train journeys, the card could have easily paid for itself. If you think you will be traveling by train for several years, a three year senior citizen railcard is available for just £70.

Where can I buy an over 60 railcard?

You can buy over 60 railcards at the train station ticket office, online or by phone. Ticket office railcards can be purchased on the day you travel. Over 60 railcards bought over the phone should be purchased before travel, allowing up to five working days for the card to arrive.

Online tickets can be used straight away if you buy a digital railcard, or before you travel if you prefer a physical card to allow for the five day delivery timeframe. Alternatively, you can pay extra to have the card delivered more quickly by special delivery.

Buying your senior railcard at the ticket office

Application forms for the card can be found at the ticket office, or to save time, you can down your senior railcard application form here and complete it before you go.

For identification purposes you will also need one of the following:

  • Your birth certificate
  • Passport
  • UK driving license

Once you have bought you card, you can register it online which will make senior railcard renewals much easier in the future.

Buying your senior rail card over the phone

To buy your senior citizen railcard over the phone, just call 0345 3000250 between 7am and 10pm. The lines are open every day except Christmas day and calls at charged at national rate.

Buying your senior railcard online

To buy your senior citizen railcard online you will need:

  • A valid passport or UK driving license
  • A debit or credit card

You can then choose between a digital railcard or a physical over 60 railcard that will be sent in the post.

Digital railcards

When you buy a digital railcard you will be sent a code to download the railcard app. The app can be stored on two devices such as your mobile phone or tablet.

Buying train tickets with a senior railcardover 60s railway card

Train tickets bought with an over 60 rail card should be purchased before you get on the train. This can be done online, or from either the ticket office or ticket machine at the train station.

The senior citizen railcard can only be used on the train if:

  • There is no ticket office or working ticket machine at the station
  • A disability makes purchasing tickets at the train station difficult

A great place to start planning your train journey is Senior Railcard’s journey planner. In addition to planning your train journey, it also gives you an indication of how much money you could save with your over 60 railcard.

Then when you are ready, you can buy your tickets online by visiting National Rail Enquiries.

Am I eligible for a senior citizen railcard?

You are eligible for a senior citizen railcard if you are 60 years old or over. However, if you buy your senior railcard online, you can apply two weeks before your 60th birthday but you are not able to use the card until you are 60.

Senior railcard renewals

Senior railcard renewals can be done within one month of your expiry date. Just log into your account, click the senior railcard renew button, check the details are correct and pay. Even if you didn’t buy the railcard online originally, you can still renew this way simply by registering online.

What else do senior railcard offer and who are their partners?

Senior railcard offers discounts on dining, days out, theatre tickets and travel, in addition to cheap train tickets. Their partners include the Gourmet Society, Naked Wines, Tastecard, Virgin Experience Days, Haven Holidays and Warner Leisure Hotels. For more information on the discounts, go to senior railcard offers.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a photo for a senior railcard?

You only need to provide a photo of yourself if you buy your over 60 railcard online.

Can I use my senior railcard before 9am?

You can use your senior citizen railcard for morning discounts throughout Britain but not in peak morning times if your journey is within the London and South East network.

How quickly can I get a senior citizen railcard?

If you apply for your senior citizen railcard over the phone or request a card online, it will take up to 5 working days to arrive. If you apply via a ticket office or choose a digital railcard, you can travel immediately.

Can I buy a senior railcard online?

Yes you can buy a senior railcard online and choose between a digital railcard which can be held on up to two devices, or a physical over 60 railcard that will be sent to you in the post.

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