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Updated 9th January 2024
  • Award winning Equity Release Lender: formerly known as Just Retirement
  • Plans tailored to suit your requirements
  • Flexibility to borrow larger sums based on health and lifestyle

Once you have read the Just Review, you could compare equity release schemes from other providers and as a starting point use the equity release calculator to see how much cash you could release from your home.

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About Just

This equity release review focuses on Just, formally known as Just Retirement.

Created in 2016 from the merger of Just Retirement and Partnership Assurance, Just essentially provide retirement provides retirement products that include, savings and investments, annuities, insurance, credit and mortgages, pensions, care funding plans, income drawdown and of course equity release.

In addition to Just Retirement Limited and Partnership Assurance, The Just Group also includes ‘Just Retirement Money Limited’ which was established in 2016 to take on all lifetime mortgage lending under the Just Retirement brand and ‘Hub Financial Solutions Ltd’.

Hub was established in 2006 and provides advice on equity release, pensions and funding for long term care.

Just Retirement Limited has been providing equity release since 2005 and has been awarded 5 stars in the ‘Life and Pensions’ Category by the Financial Adviser Service Awards for the last 12 years, as well as 5 stars for the last 9 years for the ‘Mortgages’ Category. 

Just are of course regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and they are members of the Equity Release council, which means they have voluntarily agreed to abide by the principles of their membership. 

Just lifetime mortgages

‘Just for you’ lifetime mortgages are flexible plans that can be tailored to suit your needs. You have the option to choose either a lump sum payment or drawdown facility which lets you access a cash reserve as and when you need it.

Just equity release mortgages are medically underwritten so customers can achieve better deals plus their plans also give you the flexibility to:

  • Repay some or all of the interest on a monthly basis
  • Take advantage of cashback options
  • Choose either fixed or variable early repayment charges

Subject to the terms and conditions, all of the lifetime mortgage options will allow you to remain in your home until you (and your partner if choosing a joint lifetime mortgage plan) die or move into long-term care.

In addition with all of the Just equity release schemes, unless you choose to you won’t have to make repayments as the money is repaid from the sale of the house when the loan ends and the money released is tax free (it may still affect your tax situation and any benefit you may receive). 


Are you eligible for Just Equity Release?

Once you have read your equity release reviews, before you decide on an equity release scheme with any provider it is important that you fully understand the implications of a lifetime mortgage; look at all the options available to you and discuss everything with the family.

Just do not sell their equity release plans direct, so you must get the advice from a financial adviser who will first look at your situation to understand whether an equity release scheme is suitable. You could also speak to Hub Financial Solutions who are part of Just and advise on a range of equity release providers.

To qualify for a Just equity release plan the following must apply:

  • You must be 60 years old or more
  • You are mortgage free or have a small mortgage which will need to be paid off from the money you release
  • Your home is worth £70,000, your main residence and located in either England, Scotland or Wales. The Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage is also available for customers living in Northern Ireland.
  • Your property is of standard construction
  •  You want to borrow a minimum of £10,000 (£20,000 if making monthly payments).

Ways to contact us

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Just Equity Release Calculator

Just offer an equity release calculator on their website which gives you the chance to see how much you could borrow based on your age and the value of your property. You just need to add the age of the youngest applicant, estimated property value and property location and the equity release calculator will provide an estimate for you however this is only a guide and not a guarantee.

For example if you are a 65 year old living in a house worth £250,000 in England, the Just equity release calculator shows that you could release up to £84,500.

What should I do now?

My review of Just equity release is designed to help you compare plans and find the best option for you. I would always recommend that you review all of your options to ensure you’re getting the best deal that suits your budget and needs, seek professional advice and talk to your family.

To see how much cash you could release, why not try our free and easy to use calculator.  Alternatively to see how other companies compare, take a look at our equity release reviews.


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