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Unless you have had to arrange a cremation funeral you are probably a little in the dark as to what happens and what you can expect, so the following information may help you understand a little more about crematoriums, the cremation service, how to arrange a cremation and also choose a crematorium. 

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NHS hospitals

The short and simple answer is yes you can, but that simple and straightforward answer rather begs another question – if the NHS is free and universal, why have private medical insurance?

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making a Will

One of the major problems faced by many people, however, is that the legal jargon and terminology involved in writing a Will can be bewildering. Plus, there is also a common misconception that making a Will needs help from a solicitor – which may be expensive. 

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what is the best health insurance

Have you decided to look for a health insurance plan in 2018? If so, what type and level of cover do you expect and how much are you prepared to pay for it?

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