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  • Over 4.4 million customers worldwide
  • An innovative focus linking life insurance to health and wellbeing
  • Wide range of product and premium options

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About Vitality Life

This is a large company, owned by Discovery Holdings – a global organisation with over 4.4 million clients.

In 2007, Discovery merged together with PruHealth and PruProtect in a joint venture.

In 2014, it purchased 100% of the joint venture shares and formed Vitality Health and Vitality Life. These are sometimes branded as “VitalityHealth” and “VitalityLife”.

One of Vitality Life’s key underlying principles is that taking care of yourself is important and something to be encouraged. They therefore have a range of options that aim to incentivise healthy living and lifestyles.

For your peace of mind, Vitality Life is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Vitality Life insurance options

A Vitality Life insurance review of the cover provided shows four broad categories of cover:

life cover; serious illness cover; income protection cover; mortgage protection.

To the first two of the above, they also allow customers to add:

  • whole of life cover option. This is NOT available under the income protection or mortgage protection offerings.

Vitality Life offers a range of life insurance, but not a specific Over fifty life insurance policy as such - however, their maximum ages at policy inception for the first three main products above are 75, 65 and 60.

They do offer options for retirees at reduced rates. That cover could also include protection for some of the costs associated with special care requirements in older age.

Special options and rates for life insurance also exist for:

individuals; couples; families; businesses.

Life Insurance

Vitality Life’s product pays a lump sum to your beneficiaries in the event you die within the term of the cover. As with any life insurance review, the policy will be seen to contain terms and conditions confirming the situations covered and those which are not.

The amount of cover you select and the period over which it is applicable (the term) is decided by you. You must be between the ages of 17 and 75 at the start of the policy. Policies will terminate at 90 years of age.

You can add both serious illness and income protection cover to the plan – see below.

Variable term options are also available, offering:

  • decreasing cover, meaning the amount covered decreases over the term in line with a reducing debt (e.g. a mortgage, though the benefit is not restricted to that alone) or your family’s need for your income generation;
  • indexed cover – where the sum payable rises in line with an external factor, typically meaning an increase in line with inflation. This means your beneficiaries wouldn’t see the value of the sum you’re covered for reducing over time as costs in life go up;
  • fixed cover – where the amount insured remains unchanged throughout the entire term. 

Serious Illness Cover

  • Vitality Life’s cover in this area will pay out a lump sum to your specified beneficiaries in the event that you suffer from one of a specified number of serious illnesses;
  • the sum paid out varies with the most serious illnesses receiving the highest amounts and a percentage of that maximum being paid out for more minor conditions.

The money can be used to help you and your family cope with the additional expenses that can arise when serious illness strikes

Income Protection Cover

Vitality Life offers a policy designed to generate a regular monthly income for you or your family, should you be unable to work as the result of an insured medical condition or following an accident.

The cover will continue until you are fit to return to work. Qualifying terms and conditions will apply. 

Whole of Life Cover

If you’re conducting your Vitality Life Insurance Review, it’s worth noting that you can typically add “whole of life” cover as an option.

This option allows your beneficiaries to receive a lump-sum payment when you die, at whatever age.

It is a product option typically aimed at those who perhaps no longer require larger amounts of life insurance to protect a young family or mortgage but who wish to leave something behind for their funeral expenses or any other reason.

Mortgage Life Insurance

This is essentially an insurance policy aimed at helping you or your family deal with the mortgage in the event you’re unable to contribute.

Vitality Life’s cover comes under two headings:

  • mortgage incapacity cover – this generates regular monthly payment of your mortgage, for a specified period of time, in the event you’re too ill or otherwise unable to work. Specified illnesses, conditions and circumstances apply;
  • mortgage life cover – where your outstanding mortgage would be paid off in the event of your death.

Please note:

  • when you compare life insurance, all Vitality Life’s policies of this type offer lump-sum or monthly income payments by way of benefit. They are NOT savings products and they have no cash-in value at any time

Reasons why you may consider Vitality Life’s life insurance plans

Some of the key attractions of these plans and ones which might make Vitality Life’s products attractive in a life insurance review might include:

  • 5-Star ratings (Defaqto 2017);
  • large premium discounts available (up to 40%) if you subscribe to their fitness services “Vitality Optimiser”;
  • a corporate orientation that tries to focus on keeping you healthy;
  • very wide range of conditions covered (174) under serious illness cover;
  • additional rewards and gifts such as cinema tickets and fitness trackers;
  • Protect life cover, which means even if you claim under serious illness cover provisions, your life insurance is not affected;
  • policies exist for various personal circumstances, such as individuals, couples, businesses, families;
  • options for retiree-specific cover and lower premiums;
  • family income benefit options – allowing you to break up the payment of benefits in the event of your death into chunks, so as to provide your beneficiaries with more manageable regular sums;

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Company Monthly Premium  Cover Amount

 Scottish Widows



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Royal London




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£22.00 £100,000
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Based on male non smoker aged 50 yrs of age for 20 years - no health questions answered. This is for illustration purposes only & you should obtain a personal health quotation as policies do vary. Correct as at 18/01/2018

How to get a Vitality Life life insurance plan quote

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You could start by getting an online life insurance plan quote here and then if you wish, call them on 0808 301 2291 to discuss your options and how they can keep the monthly costs as attractive as possible for you.

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