Legal & General Life Insurance Review

  • UK’s largest provider of individual life assurance products
  • Major global presence including in the USA
  • Offer a wide range of financial services in addition to insurance products

About Legal & General

The “Legal and General” were founded back in 1836 by six lawyers. Today it is more commonly seen branded as “Legal & General” or sometimes “L&G”.

Legal & General is a very large UK organisation.  In fact, they are the UK’s largest provider of individual life assurance products.

They have also expanded extensively overseas and are now a significant player in the USA.   

Legal & General have £951billion in assets under management and £2.4billion in annual life insurance premiums. They offer a wide range of financial services as well as life insurance, covering things such as asset management, financial investments, mortgages and pensions.

They also are significant investors in local causes and the UK’s infrastructure.

For your peace of mind, Legal & General is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Legal & General Life Insurance  options

Life Insurance

This type of cover provides a lump sum payment to your beneficiaries in the event you die during the term of the cover.

The amount you select as cover and the period over which it is applicable (the term) is decided by you. You must be between the ages of 18 and 77 at the start of the policy. The minimum duration of the policy is 1 year and the maximum is 50 years but the policy must end before your 90th birthday.

Your premiums remain the same unless you make changes to the policy.

You can add critical illness and terminal illness cover components to these policies.

Decreasing cover options are also available, meaning the amount covered decreases over the term in line with a reducing debt (e.g. a mortgage though the benefit is not restricted to that alone) or your family’s need for your income generation.

Increasing options are also provided, meaning that your sum insured can be increased each year in line with your requirements, such as if you would like to safeguard against inflation reducing the value of the sum your beneficiaries would receive. 

Mortgage Life Insurance

This is essentially a life insurance policy where the sum payable in the event of your death, decreases over time.

It is typically associated with policyholders who wish to ensure that their mortgage would be fully paid off leaving their family mortgage-free.

In terms of operation, it is very similar to the life insurance option above.

Critical illness cover can be added to this policy.

Over 50s Life Insurance

It would provide a lump sum in the event of your death and is aimed at helping those you leave behind to cope with your funeral expenses and any other purpose you so choose.

You decide how much cover you need though typically the sum will be lower compared to traditional life insurance plans.

Your premiums are calculated from this figure. Your premiums would cease at the age of 90 but your cover would remain in force. Over 50 insurance has guaranteed acceptance with no need for a medical declaration.

Critical Illness Cover

This option can be added to life insurance and mortgage life insurance.

It pays out a lump sum to help you and your family cope should you be diagnosed with one of a range of defined critical conditions. These do not need to be terminal and terminal illness cover is a separate option.

The sum paid may be invaluable if you’re trying to cope with the added medical and living expenses you might suddenly be subjected to if you’re taken seriously ill.

Please note that critical illness cover only covers conditions specified within the policy. It is not an income replacement policy. 

Parents Free Insurance Life Cover

If you apply before your child’s fifth birthday, you can get 12 months’ free life insurance to a maximum of £15,000. This option is available to both parents and no purchase is required.

Please note:

  • all Legal & General’s life policies of this type offer lump-sum payments by way of benefit. These are NOT savings products and they have no cash-in value at any time.

Reasons why you may consider L&G’s life insurance plans

The main attractions of these plans and ones which might make Legal & General life insurance quotes interesting:

  • the provider’s extensive history and size/reputation;
  • 5-Star rating (Defaqto 2017);
  • the comfort of the familiar “Legal & General” brand;
  • Reevoo scoring of 8.7/10 based on client L&G life insurance reviews relating to ease of application, value for money and overall rating;
  • life insurance brings additional free benefits including terminal illness cover, life insurance (between the time you exchange contract and complete on a house purchase) and accidental death cover;
  • over 50s life cover also offers Trust services for the speedy and tax-efficient payment of the sum through trustees to your beneficiaries (tax advantages will be subject to your overall taxation status);
  • joint life policies exist and can also be separated out should your circumstances change (e.g. divorce);
  • policies may also be changeable in line with other changes to your family or personal circumstances;
  •  waiver of premium option at the inception of your policy, which would allow you to maintain cover without premium should you be incapacitated (terms and conditions apply);
  • Legal & General’s critical illness cover covers approximately 38 critical illnesses;
  • a maximum entry age of 77 years – 67 if critical illness cover is included;
  • children covered under critical illness up to a maximum of 50% of main policyholder’s cover;
  • Trust options;
  • free emergency support (Smoothmove) if you’re moving home
  • 98.6% of life policy claims paid out in 2016.

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Company Monthly Premium  Cover Amount

 Legal & General



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£22.00 £100,000
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Based on male non smoker aged 50 yrs of age for 20 years - no health questions answered. This is for illustration purposes only & you should obtain a personal health quotation as policies do vary. Correct as at 11/01/2018

How to get a Legal & General life insurance quote

To compare life insurance quotes, you can use our comparison service through our partner Reassured. They are regulated by the FCA and will, on your behalf, look at the whole of the market for similar plans being offered at the same price, ensuring that you get advice on all providers’ plans that suit your circumstances and budget.

You could start by getting an online life insurance plan quote here and then if you wish, call them on 0808 301 2291 to discuss your options and how they can keep the monthly premiums as cost-attractive as possible for you.

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