British Seniors Over 50s Life Insurance Review

  • Premiums from £3.72 a month
  • Full cover after the first 12 months
  • The  only over 50s life insurer to offer a guaranteed cash in option
  • Up to £475 of free extras: £75 M&S Gift Card / £300 funeral benefit option / A Free Will Kit worth £100*

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over 60s lady British Seniors® Over 50s Life Insurance now comes with the unique Cash In option. This gives you 50% of your benefit amount if you decide to cancel your policy from age 80 or after 15 years, whichever is later.

The plan works differently to other over 50 life insurance plans.

This means you can avoid the life insurance lock in that other over 50s policies hold you to, as the guaranteed Cash In option is unique to British Seniors.

It’s simple and easy to apply for a policy with British Seniors. Policies start from as little as £3.72 a month, that’s just 13p a day.

Key features of the British Seniors Over 50s Life Insurance Plan

  • Unique Cash In option – get 50% of your benefit amount before you die, from your 80th birthday or after 15 years, whichever is later
  • Guaranteed acceptance – as long as you’re a UK resident aged between 50-80
  • Choose your benefit amount from £1,000 up to £10,000 – depending on your age
  • Fast payout – we aim to approve claims within days of receiving them
  • No health questions – no health or medical questions
  • Guaranteed no increases – the amount you pay will never increase, unless you choose the increasing Benefit Option to help protect your policy from the effects of inflation
  • Immediate cover – for accidental death, plus death by any cause after 12 months
  • Free £75 M&S voucher when you buy a policy (T&C's apply)

Free £300 Funeral Benefit Option

British Seniors in partnership with Golden Charter offer a funeral benefit option with their plan that is free of charge and gives you a £300 contribution towards your funeral services. Golden Charter is a leading funeral planning company that has the largest nationwide network of independent funeral directors.

If you choose this option, your cash sum will be paid directly to Golden Charter to help pay for the services of one of their funeral directors who is local to you. In return a contribution of £300 will be paid towards your funeral costs.

Things to consider:

  • Consider the benefit amount you choose as inflation may reduce its buying power over time. If you choose the Increasing Benefit Option this can help protect your policy from the effects of inflation
  • You can choose to Cash In your policy if you are 80 or after 15 years, whichever is later. There is no cash in value before this date
  • If you choose the Cash In option, your cover will end
  • Cash In value is the return of premiums equal to 50% of the benefit amount and will only change if you change your benefit amount

The maximum level of cover is as follows:

Age at start date

Maximum benefit amount

50 - 54


55 - 59


60 - 64


65 - 69


70 - 74


75 - 80


bristish seniors insurance

How to get a British Seniors Over 50s Life Insurance Quote

You can visit the British Seniors Over 50 life Insurance website for more information or you can compare quotes on our site to see how they compare to the other leading over 50 life insurance companies.

*Up to £475 of free extras: £75 M&S Gift Card after six successful consecutive payments and once your total premium exceeds the gift card value. + A free Will Kit (worth £100). + A Funeral Benefit Option giving £300 towards the cost of your funeral. Offer subject to qualifying criteria.

Gift Card Terms and Conditions: We will aim to send the Gift Card after receiving your sixth successful monthly premium and when premiums exceed the gift card value. Please allow time for delivery. There is a limit of one gift card per policy sold. No cash alternative will be offered. Available to new customers only.

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British Seniors

From £3.72 a month

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The only over 50s life insurer to offer a guaranteed Cash in Option

british seniors life insurance 

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