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Monthly Payment Funeral Plans from £15.23 a month

Lets you arrange & pay for your funeral at today's prices

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Diamond Plan
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Why we recommend the Dignity Plan

The Dignity funeral plan guarantees to freeze your cremation and ministers fees at today's prices so you can be sure that your family will have nothing more to pay for these services as detailed in the plan, no matter when it is in the future.

The following plan providers only make a contribution towards these 3rd party costs: 

Avalon / Golden Charter / Perfect Choice / Safe Hands / Golden Leaves / Choices / Open Prepaid Funerals / Liberty 

In addition, Defaqto, the independent financial information business has awarded the Dignity Diamond Plan 5 Stars. 

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Option 2

Over 50 Life Insurance from £3.70 a month

Leaves your family with a cash sum that can help with funeral costs

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Compare Over 50s Life Insurance to ensure you choose a life insurance plan that suits your needs:

From £10 a month: you can compare leading providers with our partner Assured Futures, they are even on hand to give advice if you need it


What's the difference between a funeral plan & over 50 life insurance?

  1. A funeral plan lets you pre-arrange your funeral at today's prices removing the emotional and financial burden from your family / An over 50 life plan is a life insurance plan that will pay out a cash sum when you die that your family can use to help with funeral costs
  2. You are fully covered for the guaranteed services included in the funeral plan once you have competed your chosen instalment period (up to 15yrs) / With a life insurance plan you pay monthly premiums either until you die or your 90th birthday and are covered for the full cash sum after the first one or two years (depending on the plan)
  3. Once you have completed your funeral plan instalments there will be nothing more to pay for the services included in the plan, no matter when it is in the future – As you pay your life insurance for life or until you are 90, there is a chance you will pay more in monthly premiums than the cash sum paid out   
  4. If you die before you have completed your funeral plan instalments, the money you have paid into the plan will go towards the cost of the funeral and your family will just need to pay the balance based on the pre- agreed price – If you die after the first one or two years with an Over 50 life insurance plan the full cash sum is paid out; this is a fixed amount so inflation will reduce its value over time
  5. Neither plan requires you to have a medical or answer any health questions - your acceptance is guaranteed
  6. Generally an over 50 life insurance plan will have lower monthly premiums, so if you are on a budget this could be the right option for you.

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It's a fact that someone will need to be pay for your funeral costs, if you don't, who will?

A monthly plan could help to ensure that you don't leave a financial burden on your family.


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