Prepaid Funeral Burial Plans Review

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When it comes to arranging a burial funeral in advance, of all the funeral plan providers regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority (we only ever recommend you choose a company that is registered with the FPA) two stand out; the Co op Funeral Plan and the ones on offer by Dignity.

The best of the bunch

Compared to cremation funerals, burial costs can be considerably higher, mainly because of the cost of burial plots. As the majority of plan providers only include an allowance in their funeral plans to help with the actual burial or interment fees; there could be significantly more for your family to pay when the time comes.

Golden Leaves, Dignity and Co op offer more comprehensive cover for your funeral services but in very different ways; so this burial funeral plan review will shed light on why these market leaders are ahead of the game.

What are the burial costs?

When it comes to burial expenses, in addition to paying for your funeral directors services, you also need to pay the burial plot cost and the actual burial or interment fees as well. You could find that some cemeteries also charge additional fees for the care of the plot but these prices should be made clear to you at the outset.

So for example, you may pay £1,000 for your plot (this will vary across the UK) and then a further £600 for the actual burial fees.

In addition burial costs may vary depending on how many years the ‘exclusive rights of burial’ is for. Basically you are effectively leasing the burial plot for a number of years, usually 50, 75 or 100 years which will affect the burial costs; the longer the ‘exclusive rights of burial’, the more expensive the plot.

How most funeral plans work for burial costs

When you buy a funeral plan you always get the funeral directors services included in the plan fully guaranteed, which means those particular funeral costs will be covered no matter when it is in the future.

When it comes to the actual burial costs, most plan providers include an allowance of between £940 to £1,200 that is designed to help pay for these third party fees. The problem is that this payment is usually only for the actual burial or interment fee and no other funeral services; and if you don’t use the full allowance, you lose it.

Get the Co op funeral plan guarantee

Co op Funeral Plans are provided by Cooperative Funeralcare is the only plan on the market to guarantee the burial costs as well as the funeral directors services. These burial costs include the actual burial or interment fee, the gravedigger fee where applicable and the minister or officient’s fees for conducting the funeral service.

The one thing that isn’t included in any of their plans is the price of the burial plot, so this will need to be paid for by the family. 

Benefit from the flexibility of the Dignity plan

Dignity Funeral Plans works in a very different way to Co op funeral plans; but again stands out as providing more comprehensive cover for burial costs when compared to other plan providers.

In addition to the full guarantee for the funeral directors services, the Dignity plan also includes one of the largest allowances of £1,220 for burial costs; but the difference is you greater flexibility with how you can use every penny of this large allowance.

Instead of restricting the use of the allowance to just the actual burial or interment fees, Dignity let you use it for any of your funeral services. And if you don’t use it, any remaining funds are paid back to the family or the estate.

So for example if the burial fees were £600, the further £600 included in the allowance could be used for additional funeral services such as help with buying the burial plot, the reception or flowers and if there is any money left over, its paid back.

So with this funeral plan, your family can even get help purchasing a burial plot. And the allowance grows in line with RPI so it will increase in value.

So if you are thinking about burial costs and would like to put funeral arrangements in place with a prepaid funeral plan, look no further than Golden Leaves, Dignity and Co op.

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