Eating healthy in your 60s

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Look at any of the official statistics and it is clear that people are living much longer these days.

But is there really any advantage in living all those extra years if your health has deserted you and, with it, any quality of life? Diet plays a large part in looking after your health, so eating healthy in your 60s may be the route to ensuring that there are very many later years in which you can enjoy all that life may bring.

Added to all that is the potential for reducing the cost of your health insurance premiums, as discounts may sometimes be offered by health insurance providers to those who actively pursue a healthier lifestyle.

So, what does healthy eating for the over 60s involve? You may find extensive and wide-ranging advice about diets and eating habits on the internet. Here are just a few examples:


  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about taking exercise, advises the National Health Service
  • for those over 60, regular exercise really can make a difference, says the website, and any initial aches, pains and soreness is likely to disappear quite quickly once you get into your rhythm
  • probably the easiest way into taking health-giving exercise is to walk for around half an hour each day, but many other activities might be just as effective – gardening, dancing, swimming, yoga, tai chi or even going fishing, for instance;   

Age UK

  • it is in mid-life that looking more youthful, losing weight and keeping to a healthy diet combine into one single goal
  • this is the time of life when ageing has had its effect in lowering your metabolism, so meaning that not only do you need fewer calories, but that your body also becomes better at storing fat
  • by keeping a more careful eye on your diet, therefore, you might help yourself to lose weight and also slow down your natural ageing process
  • a balanced diet is likely to feature foods which are high in fibre and those which have antioxidant properties – whole grains, fruit and vegetables, for instance
  • fish is a great way to source the essential omega-3 oils and vitamin D needed for a fit body and the use of extra virgin olive oil (especially for cooking) is also recommended

Flourish beyond 40

  • the website Flourish beyond 40 carries the same positive messages about grains and oily fish
  • it reserves its biggest piece of advice against eating – or at least cutting down on – the amount of sugar you eat
  • according to this source, sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine;

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail newspaper has reported the surprising finding that those aged 65 and above eat less fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and cheese but more biscuits, cakes and other sugary foods than in their youth.   

Eating healthy at any age, but especially once you pass 60, is an important way not just of looking younger but also keeping your body fit and more youthful.  

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