Don't automatically renew: compare car insurance quotes

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Are you a creature of habit? When it comes to the annual renewal of your motor insurance, does a certain inertia set in? That’s probably why you end up just renewing the same cover with the same insurer.   


That’s also likely to be the reason you are paying more than you might need for your car insurance.   

There’s no way you are able to avoid the expense of insurance, of course, because the law requires a minimum, basic level of third party cover. But whatever level of insurance you choose, you might still keep a careful eye on the price of the premiums – and avoid paying more than you need. 


Motor insurance costs   

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) publishes a quarterly tracker of motor insurance costs. The latest statistics – for the first quarter of 2016 – show that, after a period of apparent stability, the cost of insuring your car has started to rise once again.   

This makes it more important than ever that you secure good value for money by saving motor insurance costs in any way possible. And securing that good value for money means shopping around and comparing car insurance quotes.   

What’s involved?   

Shopping around for competitive car insurance quotes broadly requires a two-stage approach:

  • deciding on the level of insurance cover you need – and changes in your needs and requirements provide just one more reason for avoiding the automatic renewal of the same cover each year
  • once you have decided what’s needed, then identifying the insurance providers that may deliver that cover – at a sufficiently competitive price.   

Sounds easy? If only that was the case. When shopping around, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of insurers competing for your business – so overwhelmed that you might have wished you had simply accepted the renewal invitation just sent to you by your current insurer.   

Comparing motor insurance on your behalf   

But there’s no need to throw in the towel quite so readily, when here at Over 50 Choices, we are able to do the shopping around on your behalf and make the comparisons of car insurance quotes that you need.   

Just as our name suggests, of course, our special expertise and experience lies in the provision of motor insurance for the over 50s. Thanks to our knowledge of the whole of this huge insurance market and our partnerships with its leading providers, we are able to secure especially attractive and favourable deals for the over 50s.


Older drivers equal better car insurance costs   

Older drivers are generally involved in fewer accidents than their younger counterparts, suggests a notice published by Hampshire County Council on the 4th of April 2016.   

Older drivers may also cover fewer miles each year than younger drivers – and many insurers take into account your annual mileage, granting attractive discounts if you agree to restrict it to a certain maximum.   

Older drivers are also more likely to have built up the maximum no claims discount on their motor insurance policy – and you may need to make sure that full credit is given to the no claims discount you have accumulated when you switch insurers.   

For all these reasons, therefore, it is important that you stop and think again before automatically renewing your car insurance when the next renewal notice drops through your letterbox.

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