Bucket List Favourites for the Over 50s

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If you are fifty plus and, perhaps, looking towards taking early retirement, it is high time to consider what projects, pursuits and adventures you might wish to undertake in the future. This list of objectives – commonly known as the “bucket list” - may be diverse and include all types of activity, ranging from the relatively sedate to the positively adventurous. Here are some of the favourite bucket list entries for the over 50s. 

Learning to Speak a Foreign Language 

Many people reach fifty plus without ever learning a foreign language, usually due to lack of time whilst in employment. As more time becomes available, more and more people are enrolling in language classes or self-teaching programmes to achieve their ambition of becoming bi-lingual.   

Moving Abroad 

Another bucket list item that features highly is the wish to move abroad, either permanently or for a few years. Southern Europe, with its warmer climate, is particularly popular and the desire to emigrate is often combined with the plan to learn a foreign language.   

Travelling the World 

For many people, travelling extensively beyond home shores is a genuine ambition and many over 50s are keen to put their travelling plans into action as soon as possible, whilst their health (and travel insurance premiums) permit!   

Learning to Play a Musical Instrument 

This is another trending bucket list item, with the most popular musical instruments being the piano, guitar, drums, flute and violin. Learning to sing is also a popular entry in a fifty plus bucket list.   

Experiencing the Natural World 

Swimming with dolphins, going on safari, watching turtles hatching on the beach, swimming with turtles, riding an elephant and whale watching are all highly rated bucket list ideas for the over 50s.   

Thrill Seeking 

The bucket lists of the more adventurous are likely to contain somewhat more risky pursuits like bungee jumping, parachuting, base jumping, mountain climbing, hang gliding, riding a zip line and learning to ski or snowboard. 

Infographic courtesy of Key Retirement.

Of course, our list of the most popular bucket list items is not exhaustive and there is really no limit to the type of activity that can appear in a fifty plus list. 

The most important aspect of a bucket list is that it contains the things that its author has always wanted to do, however mundane, unusual, eccentric or hair-raising they may appear to be! 

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