What would your ‘dream funeral’ be like?

What would your ‘dream funeral’ be like? main image

We have all heard of dream holidays or dream weddings but if money were no object, what would you plan for your ‘dream funeral’?

Well here’s what a recent survey we commissioned revealed: infographic The survey was based on a wide age range from 18 to 80, which is probably why it reveals such eye opening results; however it is a good indication of how funerals could change in the future.  

my dream funeral

“Take That” topping the ‘which band would you like to play at your funeral’ comes as no surprise as their popularity does span the generations. Sorry guys; it may not do much for your ‘street cred’ but us oldies love you as much as those young’uns! 

I’m not so convinced ‘One Direction’ will have as much longevity when it comes to funeral music though. 

The nation’s imagination certainly did run wild when asked ‘where would you like to be buried’ with the Moon of all places taking one of the top spots - or should I say top plots. 

Although some answers are driven by current trends and the changing times we live in, it is good to see that at the heart of it tradition still stands with the largest percentage of those surveyed stating that they would want a family member to speak at their funeral; which of course has absolutely no cost whatsoever. 

It’s good to know that given a ‘money no object’ scenario, the UK still turns to the family at a time of need. And the cost - Priceless. 

You can find out more about pre-planning a funeral here.

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