The Bright Side of the Big Send Off

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I don’t think I’m alone in saying I found ITV’s The Big Send off, hosted by the iconic Billy Connolly fascinating last night, which is amazing considering the programme focused on the subject of death.

I have to admit to being a little sad when I first saw Billy’s more careful and deliberate movements, having been used to watching him bound around the stage for years with limitless energy but that soon disappeared as I joined him in his exploration of what could only be described as quite a macabre subject matter.

But that’s the thing; it wasn’t. Even when he interviewed the owner of a drive through funeral home (yes, I did say drive through funeral home) with one of the newly deceased customers in the background, it was all rather pleasant viewing.

The Big Send off essentially concentrated on how people tend to embrace death in America; a stark difference to our rather reticent attitude in the UK. Rugs with a picture of the deceased on them, Zombie proof coffins and rockets that promise to send ashes up to space; it’s just not British, is it?  

But what if that is our future? Will there be a time when we have ‘funeral real estate’, giving young wannabes the opportunity to secure the perfect plot in a prize location (bet you’ll think differently next time you watch location, location, location!).

Having spent an hour in the hairdressers today, listening to excited girls preparing for their ‘prom’, I got to thinking about the many customs we have inherited from the States, so maybe funerals are ‘the next new thing’.

We certainly didn’t have ‘proms’ when I was at school but today its big business, costing parents a small fortune. Then there are ‘bridal’ or ‘baby showers’ and Halloween; not forgetting phrases like 24/7 and ‘heads up’. With that in mind who knows what the future will bring.

Either way I wait in eager expectation for next week’s Big Send off instalment and Billy’s amazing ability to ‘always look on the bright side of life’. 

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