The BBC One Show Reports on Guaranteed Over 50 Life Insurance

Mar 17, 2014
The BBC One Show Reports on Guaranteed Over 50 Life Insurance

gloria hunniford the one showHaving just watched Gloria Hunniford’s report about Guaranteed Over 50 life insurance on The One Show, I felt compelled to write a quick blog celebrating the fact that the nation is finally starting to realise that there are other options available when it comes to life insurance and more specifically funeral planning.

Regular whole of life insurance could give you at least 40% more life cover if you are in good health and happy to go through a longer application process which includes health and lifestyle questions. Whatsmore, in many cases it could be more like 70% or 80% more life cover.

Guaranteed Over 50 life insurance plans do have a place though and don’t forget, like all insurance, you are paying to cover a risk that may never happen. Just think about how much you have spent on car insurance or home insurance over the years.

The One Show should have pointed out that if you have health concerns or struggle to get life cover, then a guaranteed over 50 plan could be worth considering as acceptance is guaranteed regardless of the state of your health.  It’s just important to know about all the options available before making your decision.

For those people looking to help with funeral costs, a prepaid funeral plan which was also mentioned on The One Show is worth looking into. In addition to arranging everything yourself, you pay for funeral services at today’s prices, therefore avoiding the impact of future inflation. These days there are a number of payment options available too, making them affordable to a much wider audience.

If you want more details on funeral plans or whole of life insurance, take a look at the information on our website. You can also compare whole of life insurance with guaranteed over 50 plans in one easy step so you can see for yourself exactly how much more cover you could get for your money.

Alternatively to understand more about the differences between guaranteed over 50 life insurance and whole of life insurance, check out our Infographic.  

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