Whatever you do, shop around!

Whatever you do, shop around! main image

After a busy time promoting the Race4MenGlos event last weekend, I intend to have a bit of a rest and enjoy the sunshine over the next couple of days. Mind you, having printed off 400 letters persuading local businesses to take part, I think there will be a lot of stuffing envelopes and attaching stamps. Thank goodness you don’t have to lick the stamps anymore!

Another hectic week in the life of Over50choices, meeting up with our partners and continuing talks with journalists and various news and financial websites. It’s amazing just how many articles are being written about funerals these days; like the one about a lady in her 40s who has made her own funeral arrangements and organised the whole event! It certainly appears that word is spreading about funeral costs and the benefits of putting plans in place.

Before I sign off for the weekend I just wanted to share my experience of renewing my car insurance with you. In the words of those a lot younger than me, OMG! Can you believe by taking time to shop around and compare car insurance quotes this morning, I managed to half next year’s premium. And get this; it was with the same insurer! 

I kid you not, the car insurance quotes I received for my renewal for two cars was £950. By the time I had shopped around and compared quotes, I got the same insurer down to £450. Not bad for an hour’s work.

So when you’re renewal comes through for any insurance policy, regardless of whether it is car, pet or home insurance, please make sure you shop around. It really can save you a lot of money!


By Ashley Shepherd

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