Types of Pet Insurance

Can the Cheapest also be the Best Pet Insurance?

The cheapest pet insurance plan may not always be the best, as the level of cover for each plan does vary, so it is well worth looking at the policy details and getting a number of pet insurance quotes before you buy. Whilst we all like a good deal, cheap pet insurance may not be the best option if it doesn’t give you the level of cover you need.

Here are your 8 steps to choosing pet insurance:

1. Decide what level of cover you want:

  • Lifetime 
  • Non lifetime    and then get a few pet insurance quotes

2. Check you are happy with the level and conditions of cover and any restrictions

3. Check your pet is covered.  Some animals may be excluded because of age or breed.

4. What is the excess?  Is it worth changing the amount you pay for each claim in order to reduce the cost of the cover?

5. Is third party liability included in the cover?  You don’t want to have to foot the bill if your dog causes an accident or damages property

6. Don’t immediately opt for the cheapest pet insurance plan as the cover may be too limited.  Make sure you read the policy details to ensure the cover suits your needs.

7. Be honest.  As with all insurance products you could jeopardise a claim by withholding information so honesty is always the best policy.

8. Compare pet insurance plans.  The difference in price and cover can be surprising.

Comparing pet insurance plans is also really straightforward.  Just click the ‘get a quote’ button, answer a few questions and then choose which is the best pet insurance plan for you.

Pre-existing Conditions

When choosing pet insurance for the first time or renewing your annual cover, it is always worth shopping around to make sure you are getting value for money, after all you want the best pet insurance plan for your furry friend.

You may find that other pet insurance companies offer a much better deal but a word of warning; do make sure you are getting the same level of cover if you’re thinking of renewing your plan.

You also need to be aware that any pre-exisiting conditions will not be covered with a new insurer.

Therefore think carefully about the value of switching to a new insurer if you either:

  • Already have a comprehensive ‘lifetime’ pet insurance that doesn’t have any exclusions
  • Are currently claiming for a condition and haven’t reached your limit
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