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  • A funeral plan could help your family at a difficult time

If you live abroad, a funeral plan that can be used in the UK and Europe could give you your family peace of mind.

Planning ahead with a European funeral plan

Updated 3rd May 2022

European funeral plans for Spain, Portugal and Cyprus are a good idea if you live abroad or have a second home, as funeral arrangements and customs vary. A Golden Leaves funeral plan for Spain and other European countries removes the worry of language barriers, different cultural practices and family arranging everything remotely.


Watch our European funeral plans video

You can find out more about funeral plans in Spain, Portugal and Cyprus by watching our 60 second video.

The European funeral plans we offer will provide a funeral in either your European location or the UK.

3 reasons why British expats may consider a Europen funeral plans

First and foremost you want to be sure that your family are protected from the emotional and financial stresses of arranging your funeral. Then there are the added complications that come hand in hand with living abroad such as:

  1. The language barrier - making arrangements is difficult enough at the time of need so any difficulty with communication can only add to that pressure and possibly prevent the family from having the type of funeral you and they would want
  2. Local Traditions - The country you live in will have different customs to the UK; for example you may find that the body needs to be cremated within 72 hours unless you have made prior arrangements
  3. Legal Implications - Depending on where you live, some countries have regional legal red tape; processes that should be followed when a person dies which could be a minefield if your family end up signing paperwork without understanding the implications

If your family is in the UK, pre-arranging your funeral can give them some peace of mind that the services included in your plan will be taken care of and not left to them to sort out

A funeral plan will remove all this worry; ensure the service is carried out in accordance with local customs and your wishes and will ultimately save money.

What happens if you die in Spain?

When someone dies in Spain, their next of kin is required to call the Guardia Civil (Police) and a Doctor (in the UK it’s just a doctor) who will in turn contact a local funeral director of their choice.

The next of kin will then be required to sign the ‘Body Release Form’, which in many cases also means that they have contracted to use that funeral director, often with no disclosure of prices or any awareness that they have committed to this.

The deceased’s bank accounts and assets maybe frozen and the funeral usually takes place within 72 hours.

What happens if you die in Spain and have a funeral plan?

This experience could be different with a prepaid funeral plan. Your next of kin would still inform the doctor and the police however, your family would then call the funeral plan Helpline and they will take care of everything else, removing the pressure from your family.

Usually the European Funeral Plan provider will have an office in Spain, often with multi-lingual staff so you can speak to someone in English at this difficult time. Plus they will have a good local knowledge and relationships with most local funeral directors.

The Golden Leaves 24 hour helpline is based in Spain so when the time comes your family will have expert local speaking knowledgeable staff to take care of everything for them, just as you planned.

European Funeral Plan Quote

How to get more information & apply

If you're considering a European Funeral Plan we provide an online, telephone and postal service – nobody will visit your home unless you specifically request a visit.

To find out more about the prepaid funeral plans for expats, simply request a brochure; send an email to; request a call back or call us on 0800 133 7656 or 01579 647050.

Once you are happy with the information you have received, you can apply by completing the application form we will send you either by email or post.


How to pay for a European Funeral plan

You can make one payment in full starting from €3,650 or you can spread you costs with monthly payment options. The tables below show the minimum deposit for each level of plan. You can pay a higher deposit to reduce your monthly payments: please ask for a quote. 

Plans Min Deposit 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years
Opal Plan €150 €291.67 €105.16 €68.24
Pearl Plan €150 €325.00 €117.17 €76.04
Golden Plan €150 €737.50 €265.89 €172.55

What happens next once you have applied

Your acceptance is guaranteed regardless of your health, so you can be sure that your funeral plan will be in place as soon as possible, usually 30 days.

Your Certificate of Entitlement will be sent to you along with your membership pack and access to the Golden Leaves 24 Hour Bereavement Service based in Spain.

Carry on enjoying your expat lifestyle for many years to come.

Frequently asked questions

Can I pay for my funeral plan in Euros or Sterling?

Yes, you can pay for a European Funeral Plan in either euros or stirling.

How safe is my money?

Your money will be invested in a separate Trust that is independently audited to ensure that there are sufficient funds to meet future liabilities: should your nominated funeral director go bust your plan will be reallocated in the knowledge that your money is safe.

How flexible is a European Funeral Plan?

If you move house or move country, to one that Golden Leaves operates in, you can transfer your funeral plan for free.

Please note that if you move back to the UK the disbursements costs included in your plan will no longer be guaranteed, but offer an allowance towards these costs, see terms & conditions for details.

You can add services and tailor your plan at any time but there may be additional costs depending on the change.

What if I change my mind?

We hope that you won’t but sometimes we recognise that circumstances change and so if you cancel the plan within 30 days of applying you will receive all of your money back. After this there will be a cancellation fee of 20% of the plan cost payable.

Can I have my body repatriated to the UK?

The cost of repatriation can be expensive. The Golden Leaves, Golden plan provides repatriation services and provides an allowance for repatriation costs. The Opan and Pearl plans provide approved Urns and Certification to transport your ashes back to the UK.

That said the majority of expats choose to be cremated in Spain.

I have Expat Insurance, why do I need a funeral plan?

Having ex-pat insurance will undoubtedly help your family, but this will take time to be paid to your family and will not help them through the stressful process of arranging your funeral in a country that will have different customs and procedures.

Just one telephone call to Golden Leaves in Spain will ensure that your funeral arrangements detailed in your plan are taken care of as you would have wanted.

Are funerals in Spain more expensive than the UK?

Depending on which type of service you require the cost of a funeral in Spain is similar to the UK.

I am considering moving to Spain, should I buy a funeral plan now or once I have moved?

If you move to Spain from the UK you can purchase a European Funeral Plan before you move once you know your permanent address, if you choose the dual certification option, then the plan will also cover you whilst you are in the UK. Or you wait until you are living in Spain and buy a plan later.

Do European funeral plans cover people with homes in both the UK & Europe?

Whilst some people will have retired to Spain others will have homes in both the UK and Spain and divide their time between the 2 properties; the European funeral plans we offer will provide a funeral in both locations.

I have been living in Spain for many years, is it too late to buy a plan?

No, you can still buy a funeral plan in Spain no matter how long you have been living there or how old you are.

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