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too young to arrange your funeral

Perhaps the constant media attention about rising funeral costs has started to hit home, or is it just our attitude towards death has changed and in this new digital age we have a more pragmatic view on life – and of course death!

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are health cash plans a good idea

Health cash plans allow you to choose the consultations, check-ups and treatment you want, pay for it, submit the invoice and receive reimbursement of between 75% and 100% of what you spent

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help for loved ones

A big highlight of the holiday season is getting the whole family together. But spending quality time in each other’s company often means we notice changes in an elderly parent or other older relative that may have been overlooked before.

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direct cremation

There is certainly no pomp and ceremony with a direct funeral – which might take the form of direct cremation or direct burial. Instead, the cremation or burial takes place without any ceremony or funeral service 

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affordable health insurance

Affordability is extremely difficult to manage of course – it all depends on your personal means and circumstances. What may be affordable to one person, may strike another as expensive.

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compare best energy deals

Are you like I used to be and putting off switching your energy to a better deal thinking it is too much hassle, and you’ve not got enough time? You could be surprised – it’s easier than you think 

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interest only mortgages

When you arranged it – probably many years ago – you might have thought an “interest only” mortgage sounded ideal. It offered a way to pay less on your monthly mortgage amount as you only paid the interest amount over a fixed time 

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compare life insurance

It isn’t much fun comparing life insurance – but why is that? What does a life insurance comparison involve and what might you be looking out for?

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over 50s car insurance

The risk of an older driver killing a pedestrian in a road traffic accident (one of the most expensive, or “catastrophic”, risks as far as insurers are concerned) is lower than that for a middle-aged driver and half that of drivers aged under 25

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pension scams

It is an unfortunate fact of life that there are plenty of people out there who will be only too keen to remove your money from you by whatever means possible. That includes your pension lump sums or “pension pot” as they’re sometimes called.

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