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Local funeral directors - how to find one

Searching for a local funeral director is not something you day every day and hopefully not one you will need to do very often.

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The cost of car insurance is rising. … here's how to save money

Compare car insurance quotes when your car insurance renewal is due before you buy. Read more

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Over 50s life insurance and funeral planning

Over 50s life insurance and funeral planning are often considered together but there are differences you should be aware of

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Are you spending more than you need to on energy?

We make comparing the best energy deals simple and straight forward: see our energy saving tips

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Worried about the NHS?  Consider private health insurance

Against this background and very real fears many are turning to private health insurance

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The Changing Face of Obituaries

Obituaries are no longer in newspapers, online obituaries through social media & websites are increasing in popularity

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What Will Your Eulogy Say?

How to write a eulogy, an important part of most funeral & memorial services is the eulogy

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What do Funeral Directors do for the Money?
Funeral directors are pin-striped, high street social workers for the newly bereaved...?

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Dying Matters the Big Conversation

Dying Matters Big Conversation Week starts 9th May, but anytime is a good time, no matter how big or small it is

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partner dies tomorrow

When it comes to the death of a partner our blinkered approach to the impact it will almost certainly have on our lives

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