Can I get Life Insurance over 60 years of age?

Can I get Life Insurance over 60 years of age? main image

Life insurance for over 60 year old’s is widely available in the UK. More commonly known as over 50 plans, over 60 life insurance guarantees to pay a cash sum when you die. A simple and affordable way of leaving money for family.

What is over 60 life insurance?

An Over 60 life insurance plan is a life insurance policy that covers you for the whole of your life. Because of this, the cash sum paid out is typically lower than with term life insurance that only provides cover for a fixed amount of time.

The cash sum is usually paid out soon after death and can be used however your family choose. For example, to help with funeral costs, pay off outstanding debts or leave as a gift.

How does over 60s life insurance work?

The way over 60s life insurance works depends on the type of plan you choose. Those plans designed specifically for the over 50s usually offer guaranteed acceptance. This means the state of your health doesn’t matter, you will be covered regardless.

There are however life insurance plans for over 60s that have a longer application process but can potentially provide more life cover for your money.

Here’s how the two options work:

Over 60 life insurance without a medical

This type of over 60 life insurance has a simple quick application process. If you are between the ages of 50 to 80* and live in the UK, you are guaranteed to be accepted. There are no medical or lifestyle questions to answer so the state of your health isn’t taken into account.

Your monthly premiums are payable for life or until you are 90*. This means there is a chance you can pay more into the plan than the cash sum paid out. You are however covered for the full cash sum after an initial period of one or two years*.

Over 60 life insurance with health and lifestyle questions

If you are happy to answer health and lifestyle questions, then a regular whole of life insurance plan may be worth considering. The application process is longer however if you are accepted, the cash sum could be 60% bigger than with a guaranteed over 60 plan.

Of course there is a chance your application could be turned down however you could then still apply for the guaranteed over 60 life insurance plan without a medical.

over 60 life insurance 

Do I need life insurance over 60?

Over 60 life insurance may be worth considering if you want to leave money for your family when you die. As long as you abide by the terms of the plan, a cash sum is guaranteed to be paid out which can be used to:

  • Help with funeral costs
  • Leave as a gift for family
  • Pay off outstanding debts or loans

How much does life insurance for over 60s cost?

The cost of over 60s life insurance is based on your age, how much life cover you want and the plan provider as rates do vary. Some companies offer different rates for smokers too, so you may get a higher cash sum as a non-smoker.

Therefore it’s important to compare over 60 life insurance quotes using a comparison service like the one we provide at Over50choices.

What is the best life insurance for over 60?

Choosing the best over 60 life insurance policy depends on what you are looking for as plans vary. For example, if you want to leave money to help with funeral costs, then an over 60 plan with a funeral benefit option may be worth considering. With the funeral benefit option, you agree for your cash sum to be paid directly to a specified local funeral director. In return you receive additional money towards the cost of your funeral. Sunlife, Royal London, One Family (formerly Engage Mutual) and Aviva are just a few companies that offer this service.

Alternatively, if you want a plan that gives you flexibility, then Royal London Over 50s life insurance or British Seniors cover may be worth a look.

What should I do next?

If you want to learn more about guaranteed over 60 plans and read reviews, take a look at our guide to over 50 life insurance.

For information about the different types of life cover, go to our life insurance guide and comparison section.

If you're ready to compare over 60 life insurance quotes, our comparison service is free and quick to use.

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Frequently asked questions


What is the best life insurance for seniors?

The best life insurance for seniors will depend on your age, health and requirements. If you’re happy to answer health and lifestyle questions, the cash sum available with regular whole of life insurance can be 60% greater.

If you prefer not to answer medical questions, then over 50 life insurance is available for anyone over 50, 60, 70 and in some cases 80, with guaranteed acceptance regardless of the state of your health.

Do I need life insurance after I retire?

Our reasons for choosing life insurance change as we age. You may want to consider life insurance after you retire if you want to leave money for family, help with funeral costs or pay off outstanding bills.

Is life insurance over 60 a good idea?

If you want to leave your family a cash lump sum when you die to use how they wish and have the funds available, then life insurance for over 60 year old’s may be a good idea.

To work out whether over 60 life insurance is a good or bad idea for you, take a look at our easy to read guides, reviews and free comparison service.

How much is life insurance for a 60 year old?

The cost of life insurance for a 60 year old is based on the type of life insurance you want and life cover required. For example, a 60 year old paying £10 a month may get £2,249 with a guaranteed plan or £3,020 with regular whole of life insurance. (correct as at 18th September 2019)

*depends on the plan provider

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