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Ashley Shepherd
16th Mar 2020

Coronavirus UK advice for the elderly

As coronavirus is new there is no treatment for it and antibiotics do not work against virus’. It is therefore extremely important to practice good hygiene and follow the government’s advice.

16th Dec 2019

What happens to my digital accounts when I die?

In this digital age of modern technology, much of our lives is spent online. Social media, online banking, gaming or music; the internet and electronic devices all play a crucial part.

02nd Dec 2019

Bereavement services in the UK

Find out more about bereavement services and the support available near you, including whether you're entitled to any cash allowances.

06th Jun 2018

Another win in the fight against prostate cancer

It was with a happy heart that I read the latest BBC health news report about a new immunotherapy drug trial that appears to have had amazing results in one in 10 men with untreatable prostate cancer.

22nd Apr 2018

Expats in Spain living the good life

More than 120,000 (some 40%) of these British expatriates have chosen to retire there since they are aged 65 or over. What kind of life are they living? A very good one by all accounts. The Expat Insider Report for 2017 offers some clues as to why that might be.

15th Mar 2018

How do I cope with grief?

The death of someone close to us typically releases very personal emotions. Coping with grief is likely to vary considerably from one person to another and from one time to another.

27th Feb 2018

The older you get, the more staying healthy becomes a priority

For all the myths and old wives tales, there is no elixir of life to keep you forever young. But bookshelves and the internet these days are awash with practical ways on how to stay healthy for longer and the older you get, staying healthy becomes ever more a priority.

04th Dec 2017

Getting a Clean Bill of Health with the NHS Health Check

Although we may take it for granted, the state of our health is of the utmost importance and can have a serious impact on the way we live our lives. As we get older, the risks to our health become more apparent, so the need to get and stay fit increases.

19th Jun 2017

Pet Cremation and Burial

It has been a while since I last wrote about Pet Cremation and funerals and a lot has changed in that time. My ginger (well, mainly grey) companion who laid at my feet whilst I tapped away at the keys is no longer with us.

25th Nov 2016

How do I go about donating my body to science?

For significant numbers of people, the idea of donating their body after death to medical science has many attractions.

26th Oct 2016

Living with someone with dementia

When someone you live with and love is diagnosed with dementia, the effects can be devastating. Dr Jamie Wilson gives advice.

21st Sep 2016

Dementia: planning ahead with your loved one

The Alzheimer's Society points out that although there is no cure for Alzheimer's or dementia generally, you can plan ahead with your loved ones.

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