Golden Leaves Direct Cremation Review

  • Experienced funeral services provider founded in 1984 with nationwide coverage
  • Registered and regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority
  • Plan is towards the top end in terms of price at £1,64
  • Additional services may need to be paid for

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Who is Golden Leaves?

Although Golden Leaves was founded in 1984, its roots go back to 1875 and a family run funeral directors in Croydon. They helped shape the Funeral Planning Authority and are one of the few companies to offer funeral planning services both in the UK and Europe.

The plans Golden Leaves offer come under the brand name of From50 funeral plans however they are available to anyone over the age of 50.

What direct cremation plans do they offer?

In addition to the cremation only plan, Golden Leaves also offer 5 other plans which provide more traditional funeral services as well as 3 green eco funeral plans. For the purpose of this review, we will just concentrate on the direct cremation plan:

The Golden Leaves Copper Plan – This plan includes the services required for a simple direct funeral without a traditional service. It includes collection of the deceased from a hospital or Coroner within working hours anywhere in the UK; a basic coffin, an allowance of £840 for the third party cremation fees and preparation of the ashes for collection.

Although Golden leaves work with independent funeral directors throughout the UK, for the purpose of this direct cremation Copper Plan, they always use Rowland Brothers Funeral Directors in Croydon and the Croydon Crematorium.

You can find out more about direct cremations on our main direct cremation page.

Will there be more for my family to pay when the time comes?

The Golden Leaves direct cremation plan covers the professional services required for this type of funeral without a service however there are ‘add ons’ that your family may have to pay for.

Collection is throughout the UK but only from a hospital or coroner during working hours. Therefore if you die at home or a nursing home and the family require attendance out of the usual office hours, there would be more to pay.

In addition the ashes are only available for collection which will be in Croydon. If the family require the ashes to be sent elsewhere, they would need to pay for this courier service at the time of need.

Finally the cremation fees are not guaranteed however there is an allowance of £840 which increases annually in line with RPI. If the fees are higher than this amount then the family would need to pay the balance and if Doctor’s fees are required, they would need to be paid for too as they are not included in the plan.

How can I be sure my money is safe?

When you buy a Golden Leaves Direct Cremation funeral plan your money is held in the Golden Leaves Trust fund which is a completely separate entity. Therefore if anything were to happen to Golden Leaves, the trust fund with your money in it remains intact and ready to pay for your direct cremation funeral services.

In addition Golden Leaves are registered with and regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority so have had to demonstrate that they abide by their rules and strict code of conduct.

Payment Options

With a Single Payment

The cheapest way to buy your Golden Leaves cremation only Copper Plan is in full or over 12 months. The price is £1,844 regardless of which of these two payment options you choose.

Monthly Instalments

If you prefer to spread your costs over a longer period you can choose instalment options between 1 and 5 years with a £250 deposit. You do pay more for spreading your costs over a longer period but this may appeal to those who want to keep to a monthly budget.

Can I cancel the plan?

All Golden Leaves plans come with a 28 day ‘cooling off’ period which gives you the chance to review all of the details and if you change your mind, you receive a full refund.

If you cancel after this period you would receive your money back minus 20% of the price paid, which is the highest cancellation fee of any of the direct funeral plans we have reviewed.

What happens if I move address?

If you move, the plan moves with you; you just need to let Golden Leaves know your new address.

Our Golden Leaves direct cremation review verdict

Golden Leaves are a long established funeral services provider who are registered and regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority which means you can be reassured of the service they offer.

Their cremation only Copper Plan is towards the top end of the plans we reviewed in terms of cost, which makes it a little more expensive yet you could still pay more for certain services.

For example currently you need to pay £250 extra if collection is not from a hospital or coroner; fees apply for out of hours collection and your family would need to pay if they want the ashes to be sent back to them.

Also there is an allowance in the plan rather than a guarantee which means you could have more to pay for cremation fees depending on the cost at the time, however the allowance is more generous than most at £840.

Our Offer

We have partnered with Simplicity as we believe their plans offer good value for money with more choices than other plans at a competitive price.

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