Health, happiness and good care: the essentials every person needs

Health, happiness and good care: the essentials every person needs main image

With more free time, fewer family demands and more financial freedom, many people are finding that their retirement years are some of the best of their life … but what about when your health and fitness levels aren’t quite what they used to be?

In order to fully enjoy all of the opportunities that retirement brings, you need to be supported in your everyday life to the level that you need. This means accepting professional care where needed and doing everything you can to enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle.

More and more over 60s are making an effort to keep themselves feeling healthy and happy – let’s look at how.

1. Exercise

Whether you’re six or sixty, exercise is an incredibly important part of life and taking regular walks, joining a fitness class or going for a swim will all help to make you feel more energetic. Ideally you should get out for a bit of exercise for around 20 minutes a day but if that’s not possible, aim for at least three exercise sessions a week.

2. Socialising

Making new friends and having new experiences is an important part of getting older and is guaranteed to make you feel happier. The UK is packed with clubs for the over 60s with everything from walking and bowls to dancing and sports available – so get involved!

3. Diet

Regular exercise is only half the battle against health problems and mobility issues. To be in your best condition you also need to eat the right things – and in the right quantities. As you age, you may find that your doctor sets more strict controls on your diet. These are designed to help you stay fit and healthy so it’s important you follow any medical advice given in this regard.

4. Assistance

Getting out and about, whether it’s to the shops, the doctors or the cinema is an important part of feeling happy in later life – but if you struggle with mobility then this may be a little more difficult. This is where important care services come into play.

Individuals who need care can find a variety of residential buildings which are Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered with many local authorities offering fantastic social housing schemes. You should search for these based on your current or desired location – with housing association services Suffolk just one example of what you might want to research further.

5. Mental agility

Finally, it is important to remember that exercising your mind is just as important as exercising your body if you want to stay feeling happy and healthy. From a language to a degree, learning something new in later life can be incredibly rewarding and even simple acts such as completing a daily crossword or using brain-training games can help you stay sharp of mind, sound of body and happy of heart!

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