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Travel Insurance can save you a significant amount of money and pain whatever your age, especially when you consider the things that can go wrong when a long awaited trip turns into the holiday from hell.

Unfortunately as we get older, the chances of us needing to cancel a holiday increase as we become more susceptible to illness and accidents; so Over 50s Travel Insurance could provide that much needed financial support, covering:
Medical expenses – in case you become ill or injured. It may even cover transportation costs back home

Cancellations – in case you have to cancel or cut your holiday short due to a family illness or bereavement, redundancy or unexpected damage to your home 

Lost or stolen items - including money, baggage and other personal possessions

Most of us spend all year saving in preparation for our time in the sun.  Holidays aren’t cheap at the best of times but when things go wrong, without holiday travel insurance costs can spiral.  Ask yourself, if you were ill abroad, could you afford to pay for medical treatment or an early flight home?  If you had to cancel your flight because a family member has been taken into hospital, could you afford new flights if you didn’t have holiday insurance to rely on?  What about if the airline goes bust; do you lose everything?

Surprisingly according to ABTA, the UK’s leading travel association, 1 in 4 travellers still go abroad without travel insurance with 17% mistakenly believing that the UK Government will pay for medical treatment or that it is covered by a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which actually only covers the cost of basic medical care in certain countries.

Over 50s travel insurance doesn’t have to cost a fortune so why take the risk of going away without it? Taking time to compare the market travel insurance is easy and quick and gives you the opportunity to shop around for the best cover at the right price. 

If you’re looking for cheap travel insurance we can help. Simply click here, answer a few questions and we’ll do the rest. Happy holidays!

Travel Insurance Tips                                over 50 travel insurance

  • • Always tell the insurer about any pre-existing medical conditions. It is unlikely that you will be covered but failure to disclose any information could invalidate your policy completely. Honesty is definitely the best policy.
      • Make sure you take your travel insurance documents on holiday with you.
    • Read the small print and make sure the location, any activities you have planned and the duration of your trip are covered. You may require specialist travel insurance if you are planning extreme sports or holidaying for longer than 30 days.
    • Check if you already have holiday insurance in place with a bank account or credit card.
    • Don’t buy travel insurance from a travel agent. Shop around and compare travel insurance plans. Buying from a travel agent may seem like the simple solution but it could cost you a lot more.
    • Don’t take risks whilst on holiday. Your travel insurance company may refuse to pay if you have an accident whilst drunk or leave your luggage unattended. 
    • Think about arranging insurance as soon as you have booked your holiday. You may not be travelling for some time but it could prove invaluable if something happens prior to your departure date.

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