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The Changing Face of Obituaries
May 18, 2016
Obituaries have long been used as, a form of news item, to report the death of a person. In national newspapers, the obituary section concentrates on celebrities, politicians, statesmen, criminals and others who made a significant contribution to society (for good or bad) during their lives.  A typical obituary provides a commentary on the life ...
What Will Your Eulogy Say?
May 10, 2016
An important part of most funeral and memorial services is the delivery of the eulogy. The eulogy is a speech that is most commonly delivered by a close family member or friend of the deceased or by the person who is officiating at the service. A eulogy is, in essence, a means of ...
What do Funeral Directors do for the Money?
May 4, 2016
Most people have a pretty good idea of what funeral directors are about: we’re pin-striped, high street social workers for the newly bereaved; guiding people through the blistering initial stages of their loss; listening, advising and helping them to arrange a meaningful funeral. And of course everyone knows our work with the bereaved is ...
Dying Matters the Big Conversation
April 27, 2016
You may not have heard of Dying Matters, they are an organisation that aims to raise awareness about the importance of talking openly about dying, death and bereavement and of planning ahead.  Over50choices is in full support of this, having campaigned for last few years to encourage people to talk to their loved ...
How prepared are you if your partner died tomorrow?
April 22, 2016
A report recently published by Royal London uncovers some shocking facts about our lack of preparation when it comes to the death of a partner and our blinkered approach to the impact it will almost certainly have on our lives.   Every year we see reports like this, where it is clear that ...
A lack of bereavement support for those who need it most
March 31, 2016
If you are one of the lucky ones and either have savings or sufficient income to pay monthly for a funeral plan then you will have not experienced the emotional pain and anguish some families who are less fortunate experience.  For those families on state benefits and even then means tested to see ...
The Bun Fight
March 29, 2016
“What do you call the bit after the funeral when refreshments are laid on for the mourners?” is a question families often ask.   I always suggest that if they need to call it anything then call it a ‘gathering’. Or just say that after the service everyone is warmly invited to join them for refreshments ...
Worst ISA savings rates for years
March 11, 2016
You can't have failed to notice the poor ISA savings rates in recent months.  It has now become difficult to obtain more than 1%, although according to Moneyfacts the best ISA deal on the market is currently 1.41%, which is considerably less than the 3.15% available 5 years ago.  A combination of the low ...

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