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Sun Life Funeral Plan Review
August 22, 2016
Before we start it's worth pointing out that the Sun Life funeral plan is not to be confused with the Sun Life Guaranteed Over 50 Plan which is a life insurance plan that will pay a cash sum upon death that can be used to help with funeral costs, but is ...
What to consider when comparing health insurance
August 19, 2016
Funding of the National Health Service (NHS) might be increased by as much as £350 million a week, some Brexit campaigners seemed to suggest. Any such promises are likely to prove entirely misleading suggested the Independent newspaper on the day of the referendum, the 23rd of June 2016.    If you were worried about the ...
Don't automatically renew: compare car insurance quotes
August 19, 2016
Are you a creature of habit? When it comes to the annual renewal of your motor insurance, does a certain inertia set in? That’s probably why you end up just renewing the same cover with the same insurer.    That’s also likely to be the reason you are paying more than you might need for ...
How to find the best energy deals
August 18, 2016
Following a combination of increased wholesale energy prices and more generalised uncertainty after the referendum vote to Brexit, some 15 energy suppliers in the UK have scrapped their cheapest fixed rate tariffs, reported the Express newspaper on the 13th of July 2016.    The pressure may be on more than ever, therefore, to make sure ...
Which is better joint or single life policies?
August 18, 2016
Life insurance is an especially well-established means of making financial provision for a surviving loved one or dependants when you die.      Probably the most common form of such cover is so called level term life insurance – which guarantees a fixed lump sum cash payment to your designated beneficiaries if you die within the insurance ...
Reducing the cost of your funeral bill
August 17, 2016
Who is going to pay the costs for your funeral when you die?    It might seem like the kind of macabre question that is best not asked and, depending on your age, the question might sound far too premature.   In either of these cases, though, just a little forethought and planning ahead might ensure that ...
Living and dying in Spain
August 11, 2016
The freedom of movement within the European Union has made it easy for Brits to take jobs to live and work in Spain. Retirement to the sun and easy living in Spain is also something chosen by many British expats.    Although the Brexit decision to withdraw from the EU has now been made, it ...
Don't buy cheap health insurance!
August 10, 2016
You might have very good reasons for buying health insurance: to avoid the queues you are likely to face on the NHS (especially with some hospitals being given the green light for not meeting waiting time targets) and ...

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