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Is Over 50s Life Insurance really for the Over 50s?

There is no getting away from Over 50s Life Insurance these days as it really is everywhere. Adverts on TV, in the paper, leaflets in magazines or posted through your letter box; Over 50s life insurance is big business

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Pet Cremation and Burial

It has been a while since I last wrote about Pet Cremation and funerals and a lot has changed in that time. My ginger, well mainly grey companion who laid at my feet whilst I tapped away at the keys is no longer with us

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compare health insurance quotes

It looks as though a great deal more Brits may be looking to get private health insurance quotes if a deal can’t be done to protect the healthcare and support received by expat pensioners after Brexit

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Protecting your wellbeing with health insurance ..... and a garden!

Don’t worry, I haven’t finally lost the plot or gone mad. according to research, gardening can also have a massive impact on both your physical and mental health

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burial plans

Compared to cremation funerals, burial costs can be considerably higher, mainly because of the cost of burial plots. As the majority of plan providers only include an allowance in their funeral plans to help with the actual burial or interment fees

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compare life insurance

Sometimes, the figures really do speak for themselves. In this instance, just two statistics suggest that the average homeowner in the UK has insufficient life insurance to cover their outstanding mortgage

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equity release calculator

You only need to look to the internet to know that equity release schemes are growing in popularity, with a wide range of companies advertising their free equity release calculator services so you can see for yourself just how much you can borrow.

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how much is a burial plot

A question I get asked a lot is ‘how much does it cost to buy a burial plot’ to which I usually reply ‘how much is a piece of string’. I am not meaning to be facetious or unhelpful but the cost of burial plots or burial lairs as they are known in Scotland really do vary that much

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are funeral plans regulated

Even the cheapest funeral plans cost a fair chunk of money though, so if you are committing to a prepaid funeral plan, you want to be certain that your money is safe.

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life insurance comparison

It may not seem like the obvious gift but the decision to buy life insurance or life assurance as it is also referred to could be one of the most important decisions your ever make

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