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When will interest rates rise?
August 21, 2014
Its a question that many of us would like to know the answer to, especially when looking at our saving accounts and mortgages, but the truth unfortunately is not that easy to predict as you will probably have realised from the numerous news articles over the last year or ...
Confused over Equity Release?
August 18, 2014
It would appear from a survey recently released by Aviva that people are still rather confused when it comes to equity release, even though sales of these lifetime mortgages has risen over the last few years. The confusion not surprisingly stems from a time when equity release quite rightly had ...
Getting old sucks!
August 15, 2014
There are so many things about getting old that I just don’t like. Every time I look in the mirror I notice more facial lines; my hair has not only changed colour (in truth that happened years ago – courtesy of the Shepherd gene) there’s also a lot less ...
Why do people buy Prepaid Funeral Plans?
August 13, 2014
Having been in the business for some time now I realise that people buy prepaid funeral plans for a whole host of reasons. Buying a funeral plan is at the end of the day quite an unusual purchase so it stands to reason that the people who buy them ...
Don’t buy Over 50 Life Insurance!
August 8, 2014
With numerous Over 50 Life Insurance plans on offer, buying life insurance when you are over 50 can be relatively easy but it should also come with a warning; don’t let yourself get automatically sucked into the marketing hype of buying a guaranteed life insurance plan until you have ...
Running In The 12.30 At Cheltenham
August 5, 2014
Few people realise just how stressful and complicated getting a funeral cortege to the crematorium on time can really be…. Here’s the reality: JAMES: Good afternoon. Welcome to “Racing to Cheltenham Crematorium during Gold Cup week.” We're booked for the 12:30 in the South Chapel, so over to our hearse ...
New pensions
July 29, 2014
I have to admit to having grave concerns following the government’s announcement last week, that as part of the pension reforms, everyone with a maturing pension pot from April 2015 will be offered ‘guaranteed guidance’. Don’t get me wrong, I welcome with open arms the prospect of good quality, independent ...
Why do I need a Will?
July 25, 2014
Unfortunately the need for making a Will is a question asked and dismissed by almost two thirds of the UK; a scarily large figure when you consider the consequences of not having one in place. Without a legally written Will, potentially all your assets; that’s your home, savings, personal ...

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