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Funeral costs: A guide to saving you money
November 28, 2016
Arranging a funeral is not something that most of us do more than once in our lifetime, so it's important to know that the cost of the funeral is no more than you need to pay.  Our helpful guide will show you step by step what to look out for and to understand ...
How do I go about donating my body to science?
November 25, 2016
For significant numbers of people, the idea of donating their body after death to medical science has many attractions. Let’s consider some of the issues and how to go about it.  The principles   The core process is relatively simple you contact one of the several medical schools which accept ...
What is a Living Will?
November 22, 2016
Most of us, once into adulthood, take a degree of control over our own lives.    Whilst we may share elements of that as we age with our partners, children, wider family or even friends and colleagues, we all like to think that we have a substantial degree of influence over what happens to us, ...
What is a lasting power of attorney?
November 21, 2016
There are several different legal roles described as ‘power of attorney’.   They all basically involve someone else being able to make important decisions on your behalf - decisions which are legally binding on you.  Ability to manage your affairs   There are two situations within which you may wish to delegate certain elements of the control over all or ...
Living with someone with dementia
October 26, 2016
HomeTouch founder and dementia physician, Dr Jamie Wilson, gives practical advice on how to live with someone with dementia. When someone you live with and love is diagnosed with dementia, the effects can be devastating. As they struggle to deal with the confusion and memory loss characteristic of the disease, ...
Guest Speaker
October 14, 2016
My former employer was probably better known for being an entertaining public speaker than he was for being a funeral director. Whether it was the WI, Rotary, Probus, U3A or numerous other groups, he knew just how to weave a spell over his audience with his tales of the lighter side of undertaking. ...
Funeral costs have doubled since 2004 according to latest research
October 5, 2016
It's hard to believe that the average cost of a funeral has doubled since 2004, from £1,920 to today’s price tag of almost £4,000.  Even more bewildering is the latest SunLife Cost of Dying Report also revealed that had prices increased in line with normal inflation (CPI), the average cost of a funeral ...
Switch and get more from your pension
October 4, 2016
As people spend longer and longer enjoying the freedom of retirement, your pension assumes greater and greater importance. That importance is overshadowed by the complexity of the whole subject – a complexity that is made even more serious by periodic changes to the rules regarding UK pensions.    Take the changes that were introduced by the ...

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