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News round up - July 2016
July 26, 2016
Welcome to our first news round up which highlights some of the main stories affecting your personal finances …     Equity release quotations experiencing a breakthrough year    Equity release is experiencing a “breakthrough year” as it moves to the mainstream according to Equity Release Council chairman Nigel Waterson.    He said that: “Appetite from high street lenders to offer ...
Do I need health insurance?
July 20, 2016
Whether or not the National Health Service benefits from additional funding following the recent Brexit decision, it seems that the NHS will continue to be hard pressed for funds for some time to come.      What this is likely to mean in practice is that waiting lists continue to grow, hospital beds are under high demand, ...
Releasing equity from your home is scary
July 15, 2016
On the face of it, it has to be a pretty scary prospect – taking out a mortgage on the home you live in once you have passed the age of 55 or, scarier still perhaps, selling some proportion of your home to a third party whilst you are still living in ...
Painting your wagon
July 12, 2016
“You can have any colour you like as long as it’s black,” to paraphrase Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Corporation. You might think that quote should belong in the rarefied world of UK funeral vehicle coach building, but in actual fact coachbuilders have worked to accommodate those hardy few undertakers who’ve chosen ...
Mind the income gap
July 7, 2016
A new study has revealed that 42% of UK respondents have experienced income loss in their working lives due to serious illness – yet just one in five Brits have income insurance protection to provide a financial safety net should they become too ill to work.    The survey – which was carried out by ...
How old is too old for life insurance?
July 7, 2016
Now there’s a question! In fact, you are never too old - or too young - to think about your life insurance needs. That is why different types of policies exist, from mortgage life insurance cover to over 50s life insurance, to protect you and your family through your different life stages.     Starting out ...
Local funeral directors - how to find one
June 13, 2016
Searching for a local funeral director is not something you day every day and hopefully not one you will need to do very often.  Unless someone recommends a funeral director to you, your first job will be to go online or if you prefer the more traditional Yellow Pages, but how do you ...
How to avoid potentially huge increases in funeral costs
June 7, 2016
Every week there seems to be an article or TV commentary on the rising funeral costs in the UK.  The latest in the Daily Mail has a rather scary headline "Families hit by 50% hike in the price of funerals", this is a little misleading as it's not a general increase, but specific ...

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