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Helping your parent choose the right car insurance
July 21, 2014
The internet is king when it comes to choosing the right motor insurance policy so if your parent isn’t internet savvy or doesn’t have access to a laptop or PC, it might be a good idea to help them compare quotes to find the cheap car insurance deals. Here are ...
How times have changed for the travel hungry Over 50s
July 16, 2014
An interesting report recently released by Saga highlights just how times have changed for the Over 50s traveller. Over 10 years, spending on travel and tourism has grown faster for the over 50s than any other age group, accounting for the majority of the UKs spend at 54%. What’s ...
Ashen-faced With Embarassment
July 14, 2014
“When are you going to write another book then?” The vicar asked. “When I’ve got another twenty five years’ worth of new stories to tell,” I replied. “Oh.” He sounded disappointed. “But you’ll simply have to include this ashes interment, won’t you? There’s nothing about eventful ashes interments in your book.” “That,” ...
What are the symptoms of prostate cancer?
July 10, 2014
It’s a tricky thing that prostate cancer. You’re pleasantly going through life, on top of the world and feeling great when wham, you get hit by a sledgehammer; you’re diagnosed with prostate cancer. That’s what happened to me anyway. There simply were no signs or symptoms that I had prostate ...
Act now to save hundreds of pounds on prepaid funeral plans
July 8, 2014
In line with rising funeral costs, every year funeral plan providers increase the cost of their prepaid funeral plans. For many, these price changes take place towards the beginning of the year, with just a few stragglers holding on to last year’s prices for as long as possible; 2014 ...
Do you really need any more life insurance at 60 something?
July 4, 2014
Our reasons for buying life insurance changes throughout our lives. When we’re young we may want cover for a period of time while our children get older or to cover the mortgage should the unthinkable happen. But what happens once you hit the 60 plus mark? Do you really ...
Over 50s can enjoy longer working life thanks to new flexi hours
July 1, 2014
Life for the over 50s is rapidly evolving. The government has introduced changes to pension legislation that mean that once you reach state pension age you don’t have to stop working if you don’t want to. Other changes include greater use for flexi-hour working for the over 50s, and ...
Choosing a Prepaid Funeral Plan for your Parent
June 30, 2014
We get an increasing number of calls from people looking to buy a prepaid funeral plan for their parent, so I thought it would be helpful to write a blog about the main areas we tend to talk through, just to help others who may be going through a ...

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