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Mortgages for over 50s – what are the options?
May 12, 2015
According to some lenders, if you want to take out a mortgage which will end after your 65th birthday, then the answer may be “No, you are too old for a mortgage”.  At a time when more people’s retirements are healthier and longer than before, it seems odd that financial choices in later ...
Self-Publish And Be Damned
April 29, 2015
It wasn’t my idea to write a book. My cousin, a professional author, suggested I do it. At the time he was halfway through a four book series portraying survivors in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by the virus-reanimated undead, so I was sceptical about his suggestion. I toyed with the idea for a ...
2014 Care Act explained in new “Funding the Cost of Care” guide
April 28, 2015
The 2014 Care Act was widely hailed a landmark of British social care as it defines social care needs across Britain and sets out exactly what councils across England need to do in order to meet elderly people’s needs through either home care, part-time or full-time residential care placements.    However, ...
Is the funeral time bomb about to explode?
April 24, 2015
Funeral costs have been soaring for over 10 years, so it’s hard to imagine a bleaker picture; can prices really continue to increase any faster or indeed any higher than they have already? Well according to the International Longevity Centre (ILC), yes they can.  A recent report by the ILC states that after decades of ...
Deep cleaning tips for obsessive cleaners
April 9, 2015
If you like things to not only be clean but to sparkle from floor to ceiling, you might choose to call in domestic cleaners on a regular basis or you might decide a DIY deep clean is the only way to go. Sometimes, a bit of elbow grease is ...
How to compare the best ISA rates on the market
April 9, 2015
Whether you want to buy a house, save for the holiday of a lifetime or prepare for your retirement, ISAs are an excellent vehicle for preparing for your financial future as they offer great tax benefits on your investment returns and the interest on your savings.Of course, as with ...
Batting For The Home Team
March 31, 2015
It finally happened on the evening of Friday 13th February: my paternal grandmother departed from platform one of this mortal coil. She was 98. I introduced her in “Waiting For God” (Sept. 2013), which seems a frighteningly short time ago as I type the date. If there’s such a thing ...
Does over 50 car insurance exist or is a marketing gimmick?
March 2, 2015
Yes, over 50 car insurance does exist – but that shouldn’t stop you shopping around for your cover to make sure you are getting the most suitable and cost-effective deal on your motor insurance. There are a number of companies who specialise in providing car insurance for people aged fifty ...

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