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Welcome to my blog. A place for me to share my thoughts and views.

You can also see what our guest blogger, the Cotswold Funeral Director has been up to!

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Over 50s Insurance & Personal Finance

Welcome to Over50choices. As the name suggests we specialise in helping Over 50s take control of their personal finances; providing information, guides and comparisons on a range of insurance products, home energy, retirement services and funeral planning options. Quite simply we give you choices – a one stop shop for all your fifty plus planning needs.

Whether you want to put plans in place with a Will, Prepaid Funeral Plan or Over 50s Life Insurance; are looking for the best deal on Car Insurance or Home Insurance, or looking to make your retirement more comfortable by choosing the right Annuity or Equity Release Loan; we can help you with it all.

Being fifty plus is a great time to review your finances and ensure you and your family are protected.

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