Funeral Plan Providers

We would always recommend that you choose a prepaid funeral plan provider that is regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority, who are there to protect your interests, safeguard your money and ensure registered providers abide by their rules and standards of professional conduct.

These providers offer a national service through a network of funeral directors based throughout the UK.

Golden Charter’s 50+ Funeral Plans

Owned by an association of independent funeral directors, Golden Charter is the UK’s largest funeral plan provider with over 3,300 independent funeral directors to choose from and more than 25 years experience.  

There are three Golden Charter 50plus Funeral Plans ranging from £3,295 to £3,899 that guarantee to cover all Funeral Director’s services and provide an allowance for cremation and burial costs. There is also currently a £100 discount for all customers who buy one of their funeral plans online when you pay in full or over 12 months.  

There are 2 monthly payment plan options:

 - Low cost instalment plan: with payment options up to 30 years. 

 - Fixed Monthly Payment option: premiums are paid for life or until your 90th birthday.

All plans come with a Will worth up to £199 for either the plan holder or a family member.


Dignity Funeral Plans

Dignity introduced the first funeral plan to the country in 1985 and are now the UK's leading plan provider, with over 1,100 owned or approved funeral directors.

They offer three levels of service ranging from £3,435 to £4,185 (save £225 before the annual price review on 19th December 2016) that guarantee to fully cover both the funeral director's costs and cremation fees, with nothing more to pay. Alternatively the plan includes an allowance of £1,200 for burial costs.

Guaranteed cremation  costs are particularly important should you live in an expensive part of the country or you are relatively young and the impact of funeral inflation could be greater. 

Payments can be made in full, over 12 months at no extra cost or spread over instalment terms of up to 15 years.  
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Avalon Funeral Plans

Avalon has been established for more than 25 years, offering plans in both the UK and certain parts of Europe .  

They offer 3 plans that guarantee to cover your Funeral Director’s services and provide an allowance for cremation and burial costs. As we have negotiated an exclusive £200 discount with Avalon on all their UK Plans, the reduced price of their three levels of service range from £3,395 to £3,995.    

What's more Avalon are the only company to offer "dual certification" meaning that people with homes in both the UK and  certain parts of Europe can be covered in both locations for the funeral services included in the plan. 

Payment can be made in full, over 12 months at no extra cost or by instalments up to 10 years. 

Avalon also provide plans for ex-pats in Spain, Portugal.



Choice Funeral Plans 

Choice funeral plans are a well established firm of funeral directors growing rapidly across the UK. They are part of the Funeral Partners company.

They offer three funeral plans ranging from £3,545 to £4,120 which guarantee to cover the cost of the funeral directors services and pay and allowance for third party charges. 

You can choose to pay in full or over 1, 
3, or 5 years. 
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Other Funeral Plan Providers

There are of course a number of other funeral plan providers including the Co-operative Funeralcare who are members of the FPA but choose to offer their plans directly through their own websites or chain of funeral directors.

There are also a number of other funeral plan providers who are not members of the FPA but as recommended by the Government's Money Advice Service, it is always a good idea to opt for registered companies if you want to benefit from the protection of their rules and standards. 


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